Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ken Corday is a Major League Asshole

We're not gonna take it!

Just when you think that Ken Corday couldn't possibly treat the vet fans any worse than he has, he insults them in Soap Opera Digest. In case you've been living under a rock the past day, the Asshole told the vet fans that, "for the ardent John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla fans, great, you can still see them at their luncheons. That was then, this is now." Oh, isn't that nice! He's obviously taking a pot shot at Stephen and Marybeth and their fan who recently had a luncheon. Stephen and Marybeth are total class acts. They had their luncheon after they were fired. What a rude thing to say to fans. What really pisses me off, is that we could have hundreds of thousands of fans writing into SOD complaining about what the Asshole said, and those chickenshits wouldn't publish one. Do it anyway! Write in.

SOD asked the Asshole why return Crystal
Chappel and Wally Kurth instead of vets we actually want to see, and he said basically that CC and WK are cheaper. And CC is going to bring in a lot of fans. He still doesn't believe any vet fans left. The Diva left months ago. Just from looking around the boards, I'm not the only one. BTW, WK is on recurring. So you know his return is going to be a dud. It'll be as interesting as Judi Evans' return as Adrienne. Bummer. I was excited about Justin Kiriakis. Oh, and Miss Judi has a short term gig with As the World Turns coming up. Good for her! Judi has been wildly popular on every show she's been on.

I don't have the magazine yet, but apparently the Tony and Anna fans got left out of the fan base
bashfest. That seems like such a major snub to me that he wouldn't even think of returning Tanna or even mention them. They killed Tony off for nothing but cheap ratings. The Kiriakis/DiMera feud is over. Stefano's back to being a meddlesome granddad. EJ's still being duped by his bride. Blah Blah Blah Kate's gone off the deep end. *Yawn* Wake me when it's over. Oh, and the Asshole is very happy with Molly Burnett. Seriously? I had no idea.

Carly and Dr.
McPervy are going to be in a quad with Bope. Oh joy. The Diva is seriously going to hurl if Dr. McGropey even looks at Hope the wrong way. The Asshole of course takes all the credit for the Carly return by suggesting something fresh for Bope. So the lack-of-brain trust come up with the same storyline they gave Billie but changed her name to Carly in the scripts. He said it wasn't a reward for Peter's emmy nom. In case you haven't noticed, last year's Emmy nominees are all gone from the show. Watch out Peter!

The cover of SOD mentions
cancellation. We all know that the morons running NBC aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. DOOL is consistently number 3 in the ratings, very closely behind the Bold and the Beautiful for second place. So why is NBC even considering cancelling the show with so many soaps doing worse?

The Diva's ready to start a revolution. Let's all send tea bags to the studio and the magazines. It's time to take our show back before the Asshole gets it cancelled for good.


  1. I love you, Diva.. He's more then an asshole..

  2. Ok Diva calling him a asshole was a little too bout douchebag who don't know his ass from a whole in the ground?

    I dont know what the douchebag was thinking, but I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now. Not only did he bash the S&K fans, but he bashed the Jarlena fans too....obviously somone hasn't heard about the weedkiller incident! At least with the S&K fans he will just be bombarded with mail....the Jarlena fans will probably string him up which really I wouldn't blame them. lol

    Thanks for the information Diva you kick ass!

  3. Corday deserves to lose his show. Who cares about another endless BOPE triangle? Recurring Justin? And Molly Fucking Burnette...who like an annoying cockroach...never seems to go away!

  4. Diva, I've been absent for a while, but that's due to me, not your wonderful blogs. Which are always spot on. I do have to call you out re: this post about the asshole. You were way too kind to him. A few points to make, here:

    * There is no question that the luncheon comment was completely directed at SK fans. Why? Because this year SK had a fan event, JM did not. There were other fan events taht weekend, but for folks still with the show and/or (and this is minor, but still ...) not a lunch. Additionally, I believe he is bitter about the influx of calls that flooded in by the fanbases when he axed the three vet couples, and specifically from the SK campaigners who called for weeks and are STILL writing. There is no question in my mind that that statement was a big middle finger to SK fans everywhere.

    * Current watchers of the show who love their couples and characters taht are still there? This should be a wake up call to them that they're not safe. He has no regard for ANYONE. That asshole is going to go wherever the wind blows the dollar signs, rather than where it makes good sense for the integrity of the characters. If he is going to ruin characters and give their fans an "up yours," then he's going to do it to others, too.

    * Triangles are LAZY. It's lazy writing for Bope, who have had ENOUGH with that kind of thing. Don't you think? Writing this story for them should be a slap in teh face to Bope fans, too. Instead of coming up with something interesting for them, he's saying, "well, you're getting lines, read them, and deal with it."

    Good job Diva, I've missed you.

  5. He did that to Jack and Jennifer fans with the stupid story that Jennifer would have sex with the loser Frankie. It made it seem like a big story for J/J, fans hated it, the actors hated it. And it made no sense. Jennifer said in 1990 she was over Frankie, she said it repeatedly until she gave in and had sex with him.

    Now, Bo is suppose to remember and get in a triangle with Carly whom he has not thought about in 16 years. Stupid.

    They have not J/J, not Shane/Kimberly, no John/Marlena, no Steve/Kayla, and no Tony/Anna, they only have Bo/Hope left, and then they are to be in a triangle, or is that quad, the fans hated it in 2005/6 with Billie and Patrick, why go there again. Because the writers are idiots, with no imagination. This is Dena who TPTB at OLTL were smart enough to get rid of, this is Tomlin who worked with the hack JERk on both SuBe and PASS, two soaps which bombed; from what I gather about PASS JERk had couples apart for the whole run of the show, and swapping partners.

  6. I don't get why Corday goes out of his way to specifically bash the Skorks, when they are the nicest and biggest fanbase there is. I can see bashing the J&M fans with their weedkiller, black roses, and death threats. Besides, the J&M fans disappeared for the most part. Seriously, everyone send the Asshole tea bags. He needs to go. He's the one causing all the problems backstage.

    As far as the "that was then" comment that his father said at ATWT, that was directed to the actors. I seriously doubt Ken's dad would have ever said that to a fanbase! SOD needs to stop kissing the Asshole's ass, and start taking the side of the fans.

  7. I only have to think that SOD wants us to hate Corday. They could have left the luncheon comment out and we still would have gotten the point, but maybe they wanted the fans to know what an asshole he really is. What I still don't understand is why the actors will still not call him out for his comments like this? Oh I know you will say "well they have to much class for that" well I agree with that. But, I really hope this comment isn't side stepped and is given some attention. He is just probably mad at the fact that Stephen and Mary Beth had a large and very receptive gathering this year even in spite of them not being on the show. Well, they had it planned even before they were fired and being the constant professionals and just all around decent human beings (something Corday is not) they follow through on their obligations. Anyways, I don't think that MB and Stephen even consider those events "obligations" but "Thank You"'s to their loyal fans. Again, something Corday knows nothing of.

    Corday is an asshole, there is no doubt in my mind after reading this. I hope when NBC gives him the boot and he says "Days has given so much to NBC over the years" they say to him "That was then, this is now" and shove him to the door.

  8. Actually, I don't know if the actors will call him out for this or not. Probably no one currently working for the show. I do have nothing but respect for Thaao, Mary Beth, and Stephen who came out and publicly said what was wrong with the show. God bless them. I hope they find other work soon where they and their fans are treated with the upmost respect.

    Karma is a bitch. Corday will learn that soon. I'm assuming NBC is stuck with Corday, but they should make some sort of clause in their next contract that Corday can be an executive producer in name only and get him the hell away from the soap mags. Still, that leaves Tomlin in charge which isn't any better.

    We're not going to get the vets back without Tomlin and Higley gone. Corday's mind could change again if the ratings go down.

  9. Like the tea bag idea,Diva! You took the words right out of my mouth. NBC should be included. I am curiuos as to how other daytime ratings are such as Oprah and Ellen right now. Do these show understand how his insults affect THEIR ratings and viewership. Many lost viewers wathched those shows naturally because they were on close to Days. By insulting S&K, J&M fans, he is insulting many people that were traditional NBC daytime viewers. By insulting the actors images to this degree, he is choosing to walk on some shakey ground. This is their profession. Also, I think the tea bags should be sent to NBC.

  10. Ken Corday is a douchebag. He should hook up with that other douchebag, Nelson. They would make a perfect pair.

  11. Marlena, being the classy lady she is, has moved from Salem to Capitol Hill. She is helping our kids get healthier school lunches!!

  12. Maybe we should all send him douchebags. :)

  13. Corday doesn't believe vet fans have left? I wonder where he's getting his info. Most of the vet fans I see on the internet are no longer watching the show. Yes, there are some viewers who still watch the show, but the majority have said so long Days.

  14. Not watching since September of 06. And I know many people who gave up long before that.

  15. lmao! If someone sends Corday a douchebag, please let me know. That's hysterical.

    Where's Wawame? Can someone ask her to make me a banner that says, "I'd rather go to a fan luncheon than watch Days of Our Lives!" Have the background be Diva pink with my url on it somewhere small.

  16. Here's my first attempt! Let me know if you'd like me to do another version.

  17. That was then this is now.. that was a song by the Monkee's- how creative. The Corday name used to nean a lot to me. How sad it is to put down fans.

  18. I'm in total agreement with sending the douchebags. I think we should send NBC and DOOL tons of douchebags with Corday's name written all over it. Why the hell are we being so nice and civil when he has done nothing to appease us. He could have brought S&K back instead he chose to bring C&J who no one really cares about. So what if Crystal has a fanbase. I'm sorry but that doesn't guarentee they will follow her over to DOOL like the S&K and J&M fans would. What an idiot he is. If he was looking for a sure thing, he sure missed his mark.

    I can't say enough about how much I hate the show, the storylines, the characters who have no fricken meaning whatsoever but most of all I hate not seeing out beloved vets on tv. I never thought I'd see the day....

  19. Great blog Diva! I wonder do the people at SOD like Corday or did they publish that article because they knew it would cause bad publicity for him?

  20. I think Corday is trying to kill DAYS OF OUR LIVES..He most suredly does not like the fans of the vets..probubly because of all the fan fare ..he does not like to be wrong, but wrong he is...I have not watched since Stephen and Mary Beth were kicked to the curb

  21. Well, not to be an apologist, I think much of this is due to NBC forcing things. They forced the hack, pervert butcher JERk in 2003. I am sure that Tomlin is the next thing to JERk and they want a soap like SuBe/PASS.

    My problems with Corday is he allowed people like JERk and Langan to destroy what made DAYS special. He let them treat talented, actors who fought for the integrity of their character, like dirt. He let the show be ruined instead of stick up for his parent's vision. He listened to every gimmick out of greed. And he is fine with treating people like dirt.

    From Betty's death through 91 there were TPTB who fought for the show, the actors, listened to the fans, and knew and loved the show. From 1991 with Langan taking over, then especially post-93 with JERk coming on, all that ended. There was an article in SOD in 93, Becky Greenlaw, a long time producer, was told either take a massive paycut or she was fired. She stated that she was one of the last people to fight for the actors -- this was after Matt, CC and Michael had been fired; early we lost a number of other actors as well. Back then even with Corday in charge the people running the show cared. He let them do it. Since 1991 he listed to hacks, and hateful people. I think he is weak and just is swayed by any gimmick promising great ratings, and even if that means ruining the show's formula or firing actors, it is fine with him.

  22. The poster above me rocks becuz you said it in a nutshell!...I think my opinion about respecting people like Ken,Dena,and Gary,went out the window when the respect for me as a fan and the respect for my vets died.

    Ken Corday's parents vision of Days is all but gone! It's devastating to go to youtube and pull up a 23 year old eppy of Patch and Kayla and sit there shaking your head at how beautiful that scene IS and how magical that show was and how so far removed from its perfection it might not ever BE again.

    I was at the Patch and Kayla event this year...And lemme tell you,there is almost NO ONE more classy then Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols.

    IMHO they personify professionalism. More then that, Stephen and Mary Beth gave to us as much as they could, an account of how their ousting was not only sad, but unfortunately imminent since we've all known that their return has been anything but SK picture perfect. Stephen and Mary Beth have always been respectful in talking about Days. They tell the truth and we appreciate it.

    What Ken may have started in hiring Mary Beth and Stephen, is something he has nothing at all to do with anymore. It was Mary Beth's and Stephen's AMAZING friendship in this business and in life that catapulted them into the continuing artists they truly are.Hearing that SOD is going to publish more sad remarks from Corday and that the comments are a direct bash to the SK fans and to MB and Stephen, only throws another log in the burning blaze that is our contempt for the decisions that have been made in the last almost 20 years of Days.

    I feared Mary Beth and Stephen's return to Days back in 2006.JER was still scribbling on Days like a child who draws out of the lines, and I didnt want them to walk in and go "Hey WTH is this crap???" But that is exactly what happened and when we had the luncheon it was such a testimony that not only are we here to ALWAYS stay and support our actors but find a way BEYOND tptb and political BS.Maybe the actors themselves can come up with creative ways to reach out to us and keep their fan bases...maybe even possibly making their own soaps and shows via online or elsewhere.

    It's time to realize that if there is NO respect coming from Corday to ever bring back our couples respectively...Then I will watch the last sand grain fall and know what reaaalllly couldve kept this show going even if the ones who are in charge *cough*Ken,Gary,Dena*cough* have NO CLUE how the sand ever got there...

    WK and CC have no idea whats hitting them...Welcome back you two...The place is NOTHING like you remember it...

    *cue Days intro*

  23. once a days fan, no longer.

    Mr Corday is an ass.
    will no longer support days under corday, gary tomlin & higley. hated Passions and it deserved to be canceled.

    days does too now. when a soap cares nothing about good characters or the audience it is a dead soap. corday killed days and earns nothing but our ire

  24. note to corday which the soap press will probably never publish:
    Days today is a shell of its former presence. The stories for the most part are staid and worse because there is little attention given to truly developing and retaining interesting characters with varied backgrounds and beliefs. “Yes I am amongst those who gave up watching days. The reason was the advent of Gary Tomlin’s so called new vision. Mr Tomlin declared war on veteran actors and loved characters. He dismissed them and refused to have stories aired about them and treated them like extras until he was able to fire most of them. His new characters are all stereotypes. Few if any have a personality unique to themselves and as such I was not only bored by their blandness by further incensed by the dismissal of characters like Steve PATCH Johnson, his brother jack Deveraux. Now Corday is hiring more and more and more but continues to dismiss and insult those of us who know the difference between a program with heart and soul and one that is bland and capitalizes merely on swapping bed partners .
    That the soap press has not rallied around the audience who were treated so badly speaks ill of the soap press. I know just how many bases had been writing in and very few of you published their pleas preferring to only discuss those being tauted by the likes of Corday. I feel you both owe an enormous apology to us all and especially the cast of actors so poorly treated and dismissed. If you ask again why the soaps are dying you are fooling only yourselves. The soaps are being decimated by producers who refuse to acknowledge the audience and who insist we are fools who can be handed any sort of nonsense and who rarely listen. The producers and the soap press for not acknowledging our voices have killed the soaps. So don’t ask again. Look in the mirror.
    As for the vets, we would follow them anywhere. However a Gary Tomlin production will forever be banned in our homes. Thank you Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Matt Ashford, Deidre Hall, Drake H. By the way Our Steve lives in our tapes. Days, however, is now canceled and banned. sorry Wally Kurth but without the others its no place to return to. Even Bo has become staid and well a shell of his former self and cannot hold my interest. No thanks to Mr Corday and Tomlin.

  25. I guess Corday isn't the olny who feel the same way about the vets. Here's what one youtuber has to say.

  26. view from the hen houseJuly 6, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    OMG , Days is so slow. All time low. I don't want Carly Manning back. Never did. Going on vacation, won't be setting the tape player this year. The show blows. The absolute worst. I don't give a fuck about Melanie, Nate, any other new boy model. I want S and K back. I hope they cancel the damn thing.

  27. Corday is being honest for once and it's making him a major league asshole.

    The only time you'll see the vets is at a luncheon. Their leaving hasn't hurt the ratings.

  28. Mr Corday is on drug I am sure of it or he needs a tax write off and killing this show is how he intends to get it. The writing of this show blows. The new characters suck Rafe is the stupidest one of all. He protects Sami and the next thing we know they are in love? Then EJ who was one of the most interesting male characters on the show they decided to sabatoge him make him some kind of loon. If James Scott would quit and find another soap to be on I would follow him. He is the only reason I watch now and that is only the day's he's on. I have to admit I do like Mel but that is because of her not the writing. These writers suck big time. Dena and Ken must have a thing going or she would be gone by now maybe Corday's wife should check out his cigar box. The baby switch story line is totally blown out of the water and now it will be fall before it comes out well I can't stand to watch that long the story lines are boring the characters are boring and I am tired of being jerked around with promises of a great show and getting Hanna Montana meets Debbie does Dallas. So go ahead Mr. Corday slam your shows fan base, right now you have probably 15 people that like what your doing with the show and you have millions that don't. Are you gonna pay Dena's bills when the show is canceled and no one else will hire her because she sucks as a writer? You are bringing back Crystal well I watch guilding light and I can't stand her. She is a total bitch on that show and now she's gay. So is she going after Bo or Hope this time around? I think this show is trying to aim for viewers 18 to 35 which is fine I am in that age group and we actually like OLTL better. Wanna save this show Put EJ and Sami together Get Rid of Rafe and Arianna and that Nathan. Wanna kick the people in the teeth that helped make this show what it was go ahead I just hope the people working for you now realize Mr Corday you feel no loyalty to them at all if they died tomorrow you would just replace them with an unknown that makes less money because after all it's the $ that counts right? Well enjoy the pay checks while you can because I thought the last interview you did was bad but this one takes the cake so remember when you draw that unemployment check and can't pay the mortgage That was then and this is now Ass Hole panty waste piece of crap!!!