Monday, July 27, 2009

The Diva's got mail

That's right worshipers...Diva has now gotten mail. I know what your is good mail not hate mail. Yeah Diva has fans and I love it. Take that Kool-aid haters!

Well last night Diva received a email from a group that will be campaigning to get Stephen and Mary Beth on the Young and the Restless. I personally think this is great and I would love to extend my hand to help in any way possible.

We all know that they got the shaft on Days so why not try to get them on Y&R? I personally don't watch Y&R, but if Stephen and Mary Beth went there I would most definitely watch.

So I am asking you all to go to this wonderful website and check everything out. Lets get this campaign started and get these two wonderful talents back on our screens.

I would like to extend my thank you to the Grass Rooters who sent me this email.


  1. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I am totally on board with this. I don't watch Y&R either, but I would love to see what Hogan Sheffer could do for them on a show that truly appreciates their vets. Emailing the mags right now!

  2. What a wonderful idea and I have to say the Steve and Kayla fans are just amazing. Kudos to all of you that are so passionate about your favorite couple. And thank you Diva for letting us know about this campaign to get them on Y & R.

  3. I don't know if I'd commit to watching Y&R fulltime, but I'd definitely watch all the SN/MBE stuff on YT...just like I did with their Stefan/Katherine stuff on GH. These two are way too talented to be making IKEA commercials and baking pies. Let's get them back to work!

  4. Thanks for the news Diva.I'm all for Stephen&Mary Beth going too Y&R.I would love to see them play the new Power Family in Genoa City and go up against the Newmans&Abbots.Stephen going toe to toe with Eric Braeden makes me excited at thought of it. Diva you rock

  5. I don't know how smart of a move have SN and MBE on Y&R with the current "doom and gloom" writing regime there; Y&R already don't know what the hell to do with the current characters on their canvas, so bringing them on would not only pissed off Y&R fans, but causes more Y&R characters to be backburned by which fans already bitching about. It would be cool to have them on Y&R since some Y&R fans are Days fans but under a different regime.

    And, let's not forget that Sara Bibel reported that the SPT prez had a meeting with the cast and crew of Y&R last week to tell them that there will be more budget cutting and limiting production offices,so now wouldn't be the right time to bring them on until MAB and company sort out the mess they're doing on the show. If Sony is telling Y&R that it will be more budget cutting, how long before Sony tell Days the same thing or be cancelled?

    I think SN and MBE would be better off doing a primetime sitcom or drama.

  6. Starring in a primetime sitcom or drama would be a dream come true!!!! I'd be all over that! As for this campaign, I'm all for it. As stated more than once, these two are much too talented not to be on our screens.

  7. Well, I for one support this campaign wholeheartedly. Nothing has been done since the WTHAS&K campaign, which I participated in as well. If we want the chance to see them on our screens we have got to set aside our differences and realize that it's not about Steve and Kayla anymore. Those characters are gone forever (except in our hearts :). This is now about Stephen and Mary Beth and campaigning to get them on another show. Whether you like, one or the other or both, it doesn't matter. At least make an effort or you aren't going to get anything. JMO