Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Juicy Gossip!

The Diva Spy Network went to some of the DOOL fan events recently. Oh the gossip! lol

James Scott was working on his house putting up a wall and working on the plumbing. His pants had mud and paint on them. He was running late because of having trouble finding his keys to the car and didn't have time to change. He just threw on a sports jacket over the clothes he was working in. That was during the cocktail party. Arianne Zucker totally blew off the event and didn't bother going.

Oh, Lisa Rinna said Robert Kelker Kelly was the most intense actor she has worked with but didn't mention Peter Reckell at all. A DOOL actor mentioned that Peter and Kristian Alfonso are not getting along again. Peter and Kristian infamously did not get along in the 80s either.

A fan mentioned that Deidre Hall might return. A DOOL actor shot that rumor down.

Gloria Loring (ex-Liz) was there promoting a book she wrote. Lisa Rinna was doing the same thing.

Have any more gossip from the fan events? Post it here!


  1. Interesting about Peter/Kristian. Back in the 80 SOD actually was open about stuff backstage. I remember reports of PR criticizing her weight and all reported in SOD. I wonder what this will do for the characters, will one of the actors want to leave? Interesting too that Lisa did not talk about Peter.

    I am surprised she said RKK was intense, for he had that reputation of being a sleaze with women in the cast and crew. Never thought RKK intense, other than his perpetual scowl when playing Bo, back in the day, on the net we referred to him as RabidDogKK because of it. I think Peter is far better an actor, and gives Bo much more depth.

    If I were watching I would be cheering no Dee return. Heck, I still will cheer, I want Matt, Missy, SN, MBE, Thaao and Leann back, Dee to me always was perfect for the crapfest of JERk, Langan, and fits Dena's writing. Silly, over-the-top, NO SUBSTANCE.

  2. Sorry but James' excuse seems beyond feeble. He knew about the event, that it was a cocktail party which means dressing up, and that fans were attending and paying good money for it, fans who make far less than he does, and are probably far less financially secure. Show disrespect to me.

  3. I agree James was disrespectful about an event fans were looking forward to; and I think even less of Arianne.

    Maybe PR and KA not getting along is why Crystal Chappell is coming back to DAYS.

    Surprised Lisa Rinna was even there; doesn't she have bigger fish to fry these days?

  4. What is the point of Carly. She was not that popular, and CC is not cheap. I was wondering if she were being brought back due to the rumors about Peter and Kristian, but I did not think she had a good relationship with Peter, he quit in the midst of the Bo Carly pairing. I never got the impression they were that close to one-another.

    WEll, that was bad of Arianne. Fans look forward to these things. And I have been to them they are expensive, plus many travel so that means air, gas and hotels.

    Not sure though, again, about Carly, who is she for, if not Bo, and even for Bo, the last super couple on the show, and they are broken up again with Billie Part 12? And Carly and Lawrence were part of the J/J story, and Lawrence stole Steve's body, was behind his accident, which was meant for Bo.

  5. I wouldn't care of JS were wearing painted jeans or a tux, I'd just appreciate the fact he did show up.

    I can't believe AZ didn't.

  6. That's so lame to trash AZ like that. She's not the first soap star to not attend a scheduled event and won't be the last. That's her personal business. I'm sure none of James' drooling obssesed fans care that he's just attending events and milking them so he can build that house and then shows up dirty. GMAFB!

  7. Ooh, what other stars were there milking their fans?

    It's so much better that AZ couldn't be bothered to show up. I'm sure her fans received a refund.

  8. Where was Alison Sweeney? Does she even go to events to see her legion of fans?

  9. There were actually a handful of them scheduled to attend and didn't show: Arianne, Rachel Melvin, Galen Gering & Darrin Brooks. Props to the actors who followed through on their commitment. It was a great event -- well worth the $90 a head to see James in his dirty jeans! :)

  10. I was at the event and Ari called in with a family emergency two hours before the event. Now we know the family emergency. She is pregnant.

    James did not lose his keys. He has a new electric car and the last one to drive it did not recharge it. He had to borrow a friend's old Toyoto to drive there. I for one was very happy to see Mr. Scott.

    Where did you get your facts because they are so wrong.

    I will never trust you blog. Bet you delete my comments because you don't care about the facts.

  11. since when does gossip=facts?