Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enough with the Circle Jerks Already!

The Diva could have wasted her time predicting the next Suds Report by the Douchebag, but I thought it was too obvious of a conclusion. Yep, the circle jerking by The Douchebag and Daytime Confidential continues with the Douchebag saying this about Jamey's commentary on Ed Scott:, iTunes — Tomlin versus Scott
Editorial director Jamey Giddens wrote a brilliant op-ed piece on who is really responsible for DAYS’ creative re-birth. Click here to see if you agree.

Who didn't see that one coming? Seriously guys. Start talking to fans with differing opinions than your own. You might learn something.

In case you missed it, here's what I said about Jamey's "brilliant op-ed piece."

Seriously guys, stop pimping each other. It's annoying. Jamey's opinion is exactly the same as The Douchebag's.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ed Scott interview

That's a no brainer for the Diva. lol

Ed Scott did an interview with Michael Logan for TV Guide. Read it here. Ed takes credit for saving Days and for the Emmy noms. Peter Reckell bashes JER. Good for them. ICAM Scott's stuff is what got the noms, not anything that Tomlin did.

If you feel like rolling your eyes, go read Jamey Gibbons' analysis at Daytime Confidential. You'd think with practically every DOOL actor bashing JER's writing he'd get the hint that the 90s weren't that great.

Jamey wrote: "TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan has a new feature up begging the question did Ed Scott, former co-executive producer of The Young and the Restless, and for a time, Days of Our Lives, save the soap opera, crediting Scott with turning DAYS around and helping it to secure 13 Emmy nods. Here's what Scott, who Logan reports has three feature films in the works, has to say:

“It’s proof a show can turn around in these difficult times, a soap can be saved,” Scott says. “There needs to be leadership, drive, positive energy and a respect for the audience—but that’s nothing new. It’s old-school stuff. Of course, you don’t have all the time in the world. You need to work hard and work fast.”

While I readily agree Scott brought a new energy and vision to DAYS during his brief tenure, by allegedly violating the Writers Guild of America Minimum Basic Agreement by re-writing scripts and reportedly encouraging certain actors to do the same —two of whom are no longer with the serial—thus giving head hack Dena Higley the ammo she needed to reportedly seek out the assistance of the WGA, therefore plunging the soap into a bitter, behind-the-scenes tug of war with Scott and said actors on one side, and Dena Higley on the other, while Ken Corday was allegedly no where to be found when time came to referee, Scott did much to offset the positive steps he was taking in an attempt to get the show back on track. Besides, Emmy nominations are great and all, but DAYS didn't really begin to slowly get its act together storywise and tonally until current executive producer Gary Tomlin took over the reigns. I don't think all of Tomlin and co-head writer Chris Whitesell's hard work cleaning up the behind-the-scenes messes made by Corday, Scott and Higley should be overlooked all because of one impressive Emmy reel.

Diva: There's still no proof that Scott rewrote anything. One actor told me that Scott didn't rewrite any more than any other producer. Most of this was a rumor spread by The Douchebag. The Douchebag claimed that Ali Sweeney did the rewrites, yet she's still on the show. Which of the fired actors rewrote anything? If he's referring to SN and MBE asking that the Steve naked in bed with Ava thing be addressed by Steve and Kayla, that's really minor. They asked for that to be in the script, it wasn't a rewrite. And they were right, it needed to be discussed on air. You don't find your husband naked in bed with an ex and not talk about it!

Are things better now behind the scenes? Really? Tomlin fired all the vets, so that's supposed to make for a happy work environment? Does the show look better now from a production stand point? No. It doesn't. Is the show better from an acting standpoint? OH HELL NO on that one. Tomlin has said that looking pretty is what matters, not talent, which of course explains Nadia Bjorlin's airtime.

Jamey: And of course the interview wouldn't be complete without an actor taking a swipe at the late James E. Reilly's legacy. Check out what the Emmy-nominated Peter Reckell has to say:

“Ed inspired our entire company,” Reckell says. “He gave us back what made Days a part of American culture to begin with. Sure, the devil possession was a big conversation piece, but our show deeply mattered to people when it was about love and loss, family and relationships. Ed understood that.”

While I have adored Reckell since childhood and will continue to do so, as he plays my all-time favorite soap hero, I take issue with his passive aggressive dig at Reilly's greatest epic. Love it, or hate it, the devil possession storyline was much more than a "big conversation piece". The vampires on Port Charles were a big conversation piece, but they didn't spike ratings. Reilly's devil possession storyline managed to cause both watercooler buzz and show NBC the money. People can deny the story's impact all they want, but it won't lessen the bofo surges Reilly's storylines caused for DAYS' ratings during his first stint at the show (92-97). The devil possession storyline took the show to Number 2 in households and caused DAYS to brutalize its competition among women 18-49. Plus the storyline was about love and loss, as all great supernatural metaphors are. Who can ever forget the look on the Salemites faces when their beloved Marlena (Deidre Hall) "died" following her exorcism, only to be resurrected by John's (Drake Hogestyn) love? I wonder, does every DAYS actor who obviously hated this story think shows like True Blood or Buffy The Vampire Slayer or movies like Twilight don't convey stories of "love, loss, family and relationships"?

Diva: Plane crashes are also conversation pieces, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to be in one. Why does everyone forget how good DOOL's ratings were in the 80s? They were good in the 70s as well. Why are only the 90s mentioned?

Actually, I do not remember Marlena dying during her exorcism. I stopped watching the Eileen Davidson show when Penelope or whoever the fuck that was, was found dead in the DiMera pool.

Comparing JER's writing to True Blood, Buffy, and Twilight is insulting to those shows/books. If Jamey would have compared JER's writing to Lost, I would have bitch slapped him right there. There's nothing wrong with writing some Sci Fi on soaps because soaps are a fantasy. But the writing was bad! If you are going to rip off a genre, then do it in a soapy way.

Jamey: Let's face it, Santa Barbara and Another World were, for the most part, much more critically acclaimed dramas than DAYS, but neither survived the 90's. I firmly believe the only reason DAYS did was James E. Reilly.

Diva: Another World and Santa Barbara were far superior shows than DOOL in the 90s. They had both good writing and fantastic actors. AW could be boring at times. It needed to be shook up a little. I'm not sure why SB never did well in the ratings. I don't think JER writing for either show would have saved them. Let's not forget he also wrote for the bottom dweller, Passions, for its entire run. If he's such a ratings genius, then why didn't he save his own show from cancellation?

Jamey: In my opinion, you can't even begin to compare the amount of time and money Reilly's over-the-top storylines bought DAYS, to Scott's short stint in Salem. Almost 20 years later fans are still jizzing over Buried Alive, Marlena's Possession and Kristen, Susan, et al on You Tube and message boards. Something tells me the plane crash that killed Pa Brady— as groovy as it was— won't be alloted as much space in the soap opera history books.

Diva: Thanks to Higley, Corday, and the Douchebag we'll never know what Scott could have done for the show. I guess Jamey didn't notice that Y&R was number one for twenty years, mostly under Scott's production. Scott's contribution to Y&R far exceeds JER's runs on DOOL. Sorry, only the gay boards are still jizzing over the JER stuff. On the other boards, most of the fans are still complaining how that shit make DOOL a joke.

Jamey: And yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Reilly went bat shit crazy the second time around at DAYS, so did several other much more acclaimed writers/producers during their respective second engagements, the late Gloria Monty or Michael Malone anyone? I don't hear anyone lamenting the brilliance of Marty's original rape storyline on One Life to Live because Malone later came back to pen the Santis. When General Hospital savior Monty is brought up, people tend to talk about the magic of Luke and Laura, not the abomination of the Eckerts, or Monty's plan to get rid of the Quartermaines (It looks like Guza learned from the master, er mistress!).

I really wish discussions about the canon of DAYS history can stop being about pre-Reilly vs. post-Reilly. I have watched this show since circa 1982 and am a fan of both the classic, supercouple heavy 80's and the wacked out 90's, and am able to respect the contributions that both eras made to the show's history. I wish others could do the same. Oh well, bring on Crystal Chappell!"

Diva: The Diva can't comment on GH or OLTL other than the fact that the GH fans are so tired of the mob bullshit. As for Jamey liking the 80s, I'll take his word for it since I don't really remember him saying anything nice about the 80s. He spends most of his time defending JER and bashing the actors who bash JER. I'm glad he can respect both eras, but why can't he and others respect that a lot of fans just weren't into the JER stuff? It's a matter of taste.

As far as Crystal is concerned, I'm not a Carly fan at all. Does anyone really seriously think that Higley will magically become a better writer over night just because Crystal is now on the show? She couldn't write for SN, MBE, the DH's, TP, and LH that list included an emmy winner and some emmy nominees. All of a sudden now she's going to write well for Emmy winner Chappell? The Diva can't wait for the bitching and moaning to start when the Carly fans start bashing Higley's bad writing for Carly. Maybe then they'll know what it's a like to be fans of the 3 supercouples that got fired.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Need a Stephen fix?

I do! I do!

How about some more?

Do you have any more DOOL star sightings? Post in our comments section. I'll do a blog entry for them. Thanks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Come Out. Come Out. Wherever You Are.


The Diva is so impressed with the Diva Spy Network. Where would I be without them?

One of my spies noticed that a certain crazy stalker bitch no longer is a mod at the God awful NBC board for Days of our Lives. That poster has been nicknamed the "Wicked Witch of the West" by other posters. Yes, I know the pic of Dorothy's house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East. Who cares! It's a cool pic.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to never cross paths with this bitch. Congrats to you. The Diva did an entire blog about her. Yep, Jiggs has finally been removed as a moderator at I'm assuming the crazy bitch finally got fired. The Diva seriously doubts that a person who has been known to stalk Jate fans would ever voluntarily quit at being a mod.

Why the hell would she even be asked to be a mod? She was banned at the Soap City Days of Our Lives board a record 5 times. And that's not including all of her aliases. It's still not safe to post at the NBC board, because Jiggs' friend, Mia Devlin is still a mod there. The Diva has never met two posters who so viciously attack board newbies like those two.

Maybe it's just me, but you couldn't pay me to be a mod. I mean really. I can't imagine sending pissy pm's all day telling people to stop being so bitchy. Of course Kenny's a mod at Douchebag Royalty so he must like doing that sort of thing. BTW, after being banned, Kenny is back posting under a new screenname at the SC. Way to be subtle Kenny!

Yes the Diva knows this white background sucks. I'm working on it.

Watch out for falling houses.

The Diva has been receiving requests to use the above pic as an avatar. Go for it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Original "Dimples" Kiriakis

Finally a return the Diva is excited about!

The news is spreading from SOD that Wally Kurth aka Justin Kiriakis is returning to Salem. I think this is a good move by the show. First off, the show does need a Kiriakis between the ages of Victor, Philip, and Brady. I still have a hard time counting DumBo as a Kiriakis. I think we need another DNA test on that one.

Plus, the show got rid of their 50ish characters. He fits into that gap well. Besides, Brady and Philip don't seem to be ready to really be the heads of the Kiriakis empire. Devilish Justin really fits the bill. He'll run rings around those two.

I'm assuming that Judi Evans isn't coming back. I hope they bring her back. Judi's been awesome on every soap she's been on. It's a shame they wasted her return last year as Adrienne by having her tend bar with loser Max. Her husband is loaded, wth was Adrienne doing owning the Cheatin' Heart? Please let me know of any Judi news.

I'm glad the show is building up the Kiriakis clan. I still think it was a huge mistake getting rid of Steve and Kayla though. Here's their brother-in-law returning to the show. With the returns of Carly and Justin, Steve and Kayla should have been brought back too. Bringing Tony back would have made sense since he's close to the same age as Justin and would have been a perfect foil for Justin. The Dimera family still has a huge void from when Tony died. There aren't any long lost DiMeras out there to fill it either.

I never saw Wally on any other soaps. So I would love to hear everyone's opinion about his return and his acting on other shows. The Diva thought he was a solid actor on DOOL.

BTW, he's way too good looking to be named "Wally." lol

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Katerina Carly Manning Von Lueschner Alamain

ShareGee I'm so glad 3 supercouples left the show to bring back a character that most fans preferred 6 feet under. The Diva absolutely loved the "Carly Buried Alive" storyline mostly because I hated Carly and wanted her to suffer and die. Also the true star of that storyline was Louise Sorel, Vivian Alamain. I loved Louise as Augusta Lockridge on Santa Barbara. The Diva totally cheered Aunt Viv on during the entire storyline. Also, I cheered her on with her pursuit of Victor. Kate/Victor/Vivian triangle totally rocked. And wow, they were all over the age of 40, imagine that!

Speaking of that, does Corday, Tomlin, and Higley know that Crystal Chappell is over 40? The Diva is going to be catty here for a minute, bash me if you will I don't care. I never got the appeal Crystal. I never watched her as the often married woman who switched teams in her 40s on GL. Her face always bugged me. It's too wide. Her eyes are too far apart, and she always looks drowsy. That could be botox, she's admitted to using it. Or it could be just her eyes. She's not thin either. Yes I know she's an emmy winner. But since when did DOOL care about Emmy winners? Peter Reckell is the only nominee the past two years who is still on the show. Everyone else quit or was fired.

Do we really need another "Billie" to break up Bope? Bope is about exciting as a box of rocks. I don't see such a non-excitable actress as CC shaking them up any. She makes me want to take anti-depressants. There's also Dr. McSleazy they can put her with. At least Dan would be dating someone his own age that he didn't fall in love with as patient of his. So basically, she's not his type. lol That would be another awful couple. At this point, I can quite honestly say that Dan, Chloe, or Carly in any relationship with anyone is FF material for me.

Eventually the show is going to have to go gay. All the other soaps going gay are getting massive press. CC already has experience as a kissing lesbian. So maybe Carly is coming back to Salem hitting for a different team. A lot of you guys know her real life hubby was Carly's husband, Lawrence Alamain. So I guess he'll be back soon.

This whole thing makes no sense to me. Without S&K, J&J, or any of the Von Lueschner/Alamains, wth is the point? Who is she going to hang with? The show pretty much got rid of everyone over 40, she won't look right with anyone under 40. I hate when shows bring back characters without really thinking first on who they are going to interact with. Yes I noticed the JER fans are all thrilled with the news, no surprise there. But the show is catering to them anyways.

No, I'm not tuning in for this. I was a naughty Diva and didn't watch the show this week either. I heard the Grace stuff was good. The Diva is not interested in crying spells right now. lol

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Juicy Gossip!

The Diva Spy Network went to some of the DOOL fan events recently. Oh the gossip! lol

James Scott was working on his house putting up a wall and working on the plumbing. His pants had mud and paint on them. He was running late because of having trouble finding his keys to the car and didn't have time to change. He just threw on a sports jacket over the clothes he was working in. That was during the cocktail party. Arianne Zucker totally blew off the event and didn't bother going.

Oh, Lisa Rinna said Robert Kelker Kelly was the most intense actor she has worked with but didn't mention Peter Reckell at all. A DOOL actor mentioned that Peter and Kristian Alfonso are not getting along again. Peter and Kristian infamously did not get along in the 80s either.

A fan mentioned that Deidre Hall might return. A DOOL actor shot that rumor down.

Gloria Loring (ex-Liz) was there promoting a book she wrote. Lisa Rinna was doing the same thing.

Have any more gossip from the fan events? Post it here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long time, no see

Sign at Corday's favorite course. Explains a lot doesn't it?

There's a very good reason why I haven't been posting, I don't watch DOOL anymore. This Diva is not a douchebag. I refuse to blog about something that I don't watch like a certain "journalist" we all know. BTW, have you guys noticed that he keeps using the word, "douchebag" in his articles? Does he miss me? lol Is he trying to provoke me into doing another "Nelson Branco is a douchebag part 10?"

Just from reading the spoilers, I'm not surprised with all the newbies. Corday had no intention to shrink the cast any. Higley has no intention to write for any character she didn't create. *yawn*

BTW, there's a totally unsubstantiated rumor that Deidre is coming back to the show. Just thought I'd throw that out there. It's a rumor only.

I'm guessing that Dena never watched Dynasty. Anyone else think it's weird that they casted Gordon Thompson who played Leann Hunley's ex on Dynasty. I'm glad that they didn't bring him in for Anna. This Diva can't see Anna DiMera dating a mortician. lol Still though, the Adam/Dana romance/marriage/break up on Dynasty was a world wide sensation.

Thaao posted. Click on his guestbook. So what character do you think he's talking about? Who does he and Ed Scott call "Iago?" Wow isn't the idea of Thaao and Ed Scott teaming up enough to give Corday nightmares? lmao!

Since MBE/SN are supposed to be on recurring? Why were they not there for Stephanie's engagement/kidnapping? This show is so stupid.

Don't be a stranger.