Monday, May 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

Sometimes real life interferes with my diva-ness. So here's my Lost finale blog. It's going to be a long one, so go grab a coffee or something. lol All you people with ADD are going to have to take a pill. It was a two hour episode, you know?

First we see Jacob doing some weaving. He goes to get a fish. We see the Black Rock ship on the horizon. I think Jacob getting the fish was a bit of a metaphor on how he got the Black Rock there. Then we meet the anti-Jacob, I'll call him AJ for short since I'm lazy and love to abbreviate. AJ thinks humans are inherently bad. Jacob thinks they are good, and if things don't end well, it's progress from the last time. AJ says aloud that he wants to kill Jacob and leaves. AJ makes a comment on how he already ate. Some are speculating that AJ is also the smoke monster which explains how he was able to produce his own workable Locke body. Maybe AJ is the one who kills the unrepentant, a la Mr. Eko. But Ben lets out the smoke monster, so my theory is probably off on that.

We see Jacob physically touching a few of the Losties. I'm sure it's significant why he did that. That must create some sort of connection to them. Jacob didn't seem to care that he contributed to Sayid's wife's death. Still the dumbass tells her husband she found her sunglasses in the middle of an LA street. Seriously wth was she thinking?

Of course at the time, I thought it was nice of Jack to tell Richard to not give up on Locke. Considering how this eppy ends with "Locke" tricking Richard, that ends up being unfortunate. So we learn that Richard's job is to protect the leader, which was pregnant Eloise at the time. Wouldn't setting off a hydrogen bomb hurt Eloise too? I don't get why Jack and Sayid decided to just mosey on through the barracks. Why not just go back the way they came? So Ben's dad shoots Sayid. Once again Hurley and his VW van save the day by rescuing Jack and Sayid.

Looks like Juliet wears the pants in the Sawyer/Juliet relationship. lol She agrees with Kate to stop Jack from blowing up the island. It was great to see Rose and Bernard. They were much needed comic relief. It cracked me up that they weren't happy to see Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet. So Juliet catches Sawyer fondly looking at Kate when Rose says that dying is ok if she and Bernard are still together. I don't understand why Juliet got so mad. Sawyer was fine with leaving the island without Kate a few hours before. If he still had a thing for Kate, he never would have boarded the sub.

So Sawyer and Jack finally had their smackdown. Ouch. It cracked me up how Sawyer "had" to beat up Jack because he wouldn't listen. lol So Juliet throws her hissy fit that she wants Jack to blow up the island so she'll never meet Sawyer, thus never lost him. I'm just not buying that. Sawyer was with Juliet for 3 years, he was with Kate maybe a month or so. He chose to leave the helicopter so he wouldn't have to commit to Kate. He's changed and is committed to Juliet.

So they have their gunfight at the Swan. The bomb goes down the hole, nothing. So what happened? Did it not work or did Sayid not set it correctly by accident or on purpose? Sayid seemed determined to die. He felt his soul could not be saved due to all the killing he did. It still seems convoluted to me how the chains wrapped around Juliet and pulled her down the hole. Man, it was a tearjerker though. Fantastic acting by Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell. BTW, rumor has it the Mitchell got the lead role in the remake of "V" next year. So she might not be back next year. Mitchell just broke my heart with Juliet bashing that bomb. I thought "sonofabitch" was Sawyer's catch phrase, now it's kind of an inside joke with Juliet and Bernard both using it too. Anyway, it looks like she was successful.

In 2007, AJ is masquerading as Locke. It's fascinating watching the Locke scenes now with that knowledge. I highly recommend rewatching the nuLocke scenes with the new knowledge that Locke is most sincerely dead. I think the show missed a great opportunity of having more Locke/Ben conflict with Locke being the leader. That was still the highlight of the year for me was their conflicts. So Ben did successfully kill Locke. I hate when Ben wins. lol So AJ provokes Ben into killing Jacob. Jacob knows this is going to happen and does not put up a fight. He again talks of free will. Jacob obviously believes that humans will chose to do the right thing if given the choice. AJ doesn't believe that, but AJ is cheating by deceiving people, thus depriving them a true free will because they only see the facts as AJ presents them. We learn that Jacob was the one behind the lists the Others used in season 1 and season 2. The loophole with Jacob and AJ was that AJ could not kill Jacob himself, he needed a surrogate.

Poor Locke. His whole "specialness" and "destiny" was to be a vessel for a pessimist old spirit to kill another spirit. Richard said he saw nothing special about Locke. AJ had Richard tell Locke that he needed to die to get everyone to come back to the island. Locke was set up to commit suicide until Ben interfered. So who controls things outside the island? AJ or Jacob? Who prevented Michael from killing himself? What about Faraday? His importance was his journal only.

I'm assuming that the Ajira passengers are friends of Jacob. They are obviously aware of Jacob and knew he lived in the shadow of the statue. The one guy I believe was the guy who pulled Miles into the van trying to get him not to go to the island. I have no clue what to make of the rotted out cabin and the broken ash line. Jacob before he died told AJ "they're coming." He could either mean the Ajira people or Jack blowing up the bomb.

Anyway, the finale was fantastic. I don't think anyone could have possibly guessed how the eppy would have turned out. The only problem I had with the eppy was Juliet's jealousy. How do we know that all the stuff that was attributed to Jacob was really him? It looks like even Richard wasn't aware of AJ. So what do you guys think? How is the show going to start in February 2010?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oops She Did It Again Stalker part 2

Here's the conclusion of Deidre's and Ken's conversation.

Sorry, couldn't get the embed to work.

Finally my Lost blog for the week

Sorry, this Diva has been busy. My memory is fuzzy, not as bad as Farraday's, but hey it's been 4 days since I watched Lost.

So Daniel is still dead. Apparently his journal was the important thing, not him. That's a bummer really. So Jack couldn't convince Kate to set off a H bomb. Yeah, I don't blame her for splitting. Kate's back to being the ping pong ball between Sawyer and Jack. Maybe Kate needs to learn to lead instead of following either of these guys. She needs to be more independent. Sawyer's not into her, Jack doesn't seem that into her. There's always Hurley, I'm just sayin...

So Sawyer and Juliet abandoned everyone to save themselves. Poor Hurley just defended Sawyer the moment before Sawyer got on the sub. The look on Juliet's face was priceless when Kate came aboard.

I'm assuming Sayid is joining Jack because his life sucks. He can't join Dharma or the Others, so Jack's the only guy he has left. Apparently Eloise is quite happy with blowing up the Dharma Initiative. I don't still don't know what Richard is up to. Why would he go along with this plan? Neither Jack nor Daniel talks to Jacob. So why would he listen to Jack? I was hoping this was going to be a more enlightening episode about Richard. Richard flashbacks would have been nice. Still, Ben told Sun that Richard is an adviser. A lot of fans guessed that already. So Richard said he saw the Dharma people/Losties die. This should be interesting. I didn't realize Sun and Richard never met. I'm glad the show remembered that.

Once again, the highlight for me was "Blocke" Ben and Locke. lol Locke wants to kill Jacob. wtf? How is he going to do that? Ben is still undermining him. It was funny the way Ben told Richard in his snarky way that, "you see why I tried to kill him." And Richard just shot him a wtf look. Priceless! BTW, I had a dream that Ben carjacked me with a gun. That is so not cool! lol

So Locke doesn't care about finding his friends and Jin. I'm not really surprised there. I don't think this is the real Locke. The real Locke refused to try to bring Sun back to the island. He did not tell her that Jin was alive. According to some spoilers, we are going to find out what is up with the Locke Ness Monster next week.

Next week's finale should be good. Looks like Team Sawyer is going to try to stop Team Jack from setting off the bomb. I'm assuming Team Miles is going to try to help Jack, but they don't know where the bomb is. Maybe Locke and Ben will get involved in the bomb business somehow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oops She Did It Again Stalker Part 1

By popular request, Ken Corday approaches Deidre Hall to return to Days of Our Lives, but Deidre wants to hear the storyline first. This is part one. Enjoy!