Thursday, April 16, 2009

That Douchebag is my dad

Miles has some other secrets he's keeping.

Ok, The Diva's dad is not The Douchebag, I'm talking about Lost last night. Miles reveals to Hurley that Dr. Chang from all the Dharma videos is his dad. I had low expectations for this episode. The show pretty much lived up to my low expectations.

Once again, we have another Lostie with a dad issue. Kate killed her dad. Jack's dad was a womanizer/alcoholic. Locke's dad tried to kill him. Sawyer's dad killed his mother and then himself. Penny's dad is Widmore. Sun's dad is a mobster. Jin was embarrassed by his dad, and claimed he was dead. Ben's dad is an alcoholic. It's hard to find a character on this show without a dad issue. That's getting a little old.

Basically, we find out that Miles had his "talking to the dead" ability from an early age. His mother tells him that his father is dead, and he won't find the body before she dies. We see him doing his psychic thing will mourning people. Naomi recruits him to talk to the dead on the island to find Ben. I'm not buying that. Why would the dead know about Ben's whereabouts? I think Widmore had other plans for Miles.

Hurley, once again, steals the show. He tries to get Miles to reach out to his father. Miles at the end finally opens his mind to the idea. It would be nice to see an attempt to reconcile with his father, but this is Lost, so we know it'll end badly. lol

Rodger suspects Kate of kidnapping his son. Blah blah blah Jack covered for her which was nice. One of the Dharma people got the surveillance tape of Sawyer and Kate driving away with Ben. Yep, they are in trouble.

We do get to see the Orchid and the Hatch stations being built. The Dharma guy who died must have had his filling kill him because of the electromagnets in the area of the Hatch. I don't remember, is the Hatch the Pearl or the Swan station? Looks like soon we'll find out the true purpose of these stations.

Oh, and there' s a rumor that Miles has his abilities because his dad experimented on him at the island. That's why his mother fled with him.

Daniel's back. Hurray. I love the actor. We already know he was a part of the Orchid being built from one of the flashbacks. I still prefer Ben v Locke to the Dharma stuff.

ICAM with Hurley on "fixing" The Empire Strikes Back. But yeah, Return of the Jedi needed the most work with those friggin awful Ewoks. That's one of my main problems with George Lucas. He constantly sacrifices his own art for a quick buck. All his movies lately have to do with merchandising than good art. For example, the awful Indiana Jones IV movie. Wow was that bad.

I'm not impressed with the preview for the new episode in two weeks. They've been advertising this split amongst the Dharma losties for weeks, and we haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure how interesting next week's Oceanic 6 episode is going to be either. Oh well, all the Lost episodes can't be gems. It seems to this Diva, that the show is starting to become 95% percent filler with a huge surprise the last 5 minutes of every episode. I can do without the big reveal at the end of every episode if the entire episode is good.

Let's hear your thoughts.


  1. I did not mind the episode. I did like the Hurley and Miles stuff. I got a chuckle out of Hurley's superiority that Miles only pretty much reads the deads' thoughts, while he has full conversations with them and even plays Chess with them.

    Damn straight Hurley, "Seriously, the Ewoks SUCKED!!" AMEN!! Diva, Lucas sold out with the Ewoks, he wanted all those plush toys for kids. I remember he said he originally wanted it to be the Wookie planet. But then said the Wookies were too highly evolved and he wanted to have the planet more like the Vietnamese, not a industrialized society fighting a world power. Huh? I thought the Wookie planet would make much more sense. HELLO, CHEWBACCA! Have them all go to Chewie's planet and help Chewie's people. Would it be that much harder to find a bunch of tall people as it was short people? But nothing sucked as badly as the prequel trilogy. Anakin should have been an adult man, not first a kid and then a pathetic teenager -- that just ruined it all. There should have been much more angst and darkness but it was geared at kids with Anakin as a kid. And unlike the SW movies few people went back for multiple viewings. And, Lucas cared too much about how it looked and bombed with the character development. Empire definitely was the best, it had the star crossed lovers, the "not dead hero," the revelation of parentage. Very soapish. But then Lucas did not direct that movie. Empire definitely was much darker and more adult.

    Anyway, I guess Rog and Kate aren't going to be an item after all. Hello, Kate why they hell did you talk to Rog and get him thinking, you screwed everyone over. I hate Jack, but I have to give him credit I think he tried to get Rog to not investigate, and he told Sawyer what happened.

    Not a real shock about Pierre Chang being Miles dad. I rather liked the back story. Poor YoungMiles hearing the dead guy. In the end I think Chang/Candle/et al is not the bad guy his mother said he was. I think he did something to protect Miles.

    I WAS shocked to see that Daniel was on the sub. I thought he was hanging around the Orchard, and a mental basket case. So, did he just go out to Ann Arbor for a few weeks with a group of Dharmaites, or did he leave the Island years ago and is only now returning -- and maybe with some answers.

    And what about the "Shadow of the Statue" people. They definitely are not Widmore's folks, and since they did not recognize Ben, the do not seem to be working for him. So, are they a third faction. Widmore is evil, Ben is at least semi-evil; are they the good faction, or another self-serving evil faction?

    I see that it was Episode 13, and I believe there are to be 16. So that means only 3 more episodes. I was confused by the "special LOST" comments, so is next week not an actual show but some type of recap? Or is it special in that something really really really special happens?

    Oh, someone on TWoP's board said that the writing on the classroom chalkboard, which Janitor Jack, erased was a lesson about Egyptian history. So maybe Richard is some Egyptian priest or god.

  2. I found this video clip which fits in with last night's episode. It has not aired and I think it was part of some comic's convention and the show's people were there. It might be slightly spoilerish, but I doubt it. It deals with 1977 and Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang. It starts off like some fan going to a convention and then sneaking in to see this video Chang made. So keep watching the first part. It is some promo TPTB made. The video the fan sees is interesting and gives some more information.

    The site is the LOST wikia site, and scroll down to see the embedded video. Click on the video to see the clip.

  3. Read what you said in your previous posts about NB. Glad that you stand up for what you believe in and take him to task. Question though, how do you know that he wanted to be a soap actor?

  4. I loved Hurley's comment about having better superpowers than Miles. lol

    Don't forget Lucas putting in new segments in the old movies and re-releasing them in theaters. I can see putting in clips that were edited, but not adding new stuff like the dancer stuff with Jabba the Hut.

    Yeah, I thought Daniel was at the Orchid or something. I wonder what happened to him.

    Maybe the "shadow/statue" people work for Eloise Hawking?

    I did not notice what was on the chalkboard, but yes there's been rumors that Richard is an Egyptian especially with his kohl eyeliner.

  5. Thanks, I'll check out the clip Anonymous #2.

  6. I read from The Douchebag that he tried out for soaps at the same time as Lesli Kay from ATWT and B&B.

  7. The Hatch is the Swan station.

    The guy in the van that briefly kidnaps Miles when he bought a taco is on the other island with Ilana in 2007. So I'm assuming this guy and Ilana work for the same person. I just gleaned that from lurking. lol

  8. I agree I think the newbies are working for Eloise. I got the impression that though she was on the Island with Widmore and that Ben met with her that she does not care for either. I think she probably has a more altruistic concern than those two.

    I forgot to add before, I had thought maybe Penelope was born on the Island, but one of the charges against Widmore was that he had a secret relationship with an off-Islander, and had a child. But I wonder about Daniel. It seemed that Eloise was Ellie and was still on the Island in 1977, and Daniel seems older than 30 so how was he born, was he born on the Island, or off Island and raised there? Or was he shipped off Island?

    And again, so what do you think about Daniel? Was he just off the Island for a short time for one, or did he leave in 1974 and was just returning. I also noticed he was pretty depressed in 1974, and seemed okay, so did he learn something between arriving in 74 to 77?

  9. I have no clue what Daniel's story is. I like the character. I love the actor. I'm dying to find out. I have no theories about him right now, just enjoying the ride. :-)

  10. More proof of what a pathetic show DAYS is, not only does it fire TALENTED actors who played fan favorites, the newbies they create to take their places are idiots. I read they hired yet another newbie for another doctor.

    Daniel is interesting and so far has worked as a mouthpiece to explain the LOST universe in regards to time travel. Though I hope he has learned more and that the past can somewhat be changed, or has learned that the present as is was not meant to be, and the reason they are in the past is to course correct.

    Oh, and poor Daniel needs some niece, smart female scientist of his own, who will not be killed off.

  11. I am the anonymous poster asking about the acting of NB.. Where did you read that from because now that you've revealed this, it makes TONS of sense! Does he know about your blog?

  12. I think he wrote about trying out for soaps in his soaps cruise blog this year. Lesli Kay was on the cruise also.

    Yes, he knows about the blog. When he revealed Tony's murder after I did, the posters at Douchebag Royalty told him that I broke the news first. He said I only posted a rumor, and his was a true spoiler. lol Whatever. He posted the exact same thing I did about Tony's murder. Mine was not a rumor, I had a legit source.

  13. That is hilarious. I read about you breaking some news hours before. Then you did. Which meant to me you knew what you were talking about -- and I did not know about you or your site. Then I remember reading how Douche came out with the news as if he were breaking the news. Well, be assured that people on the net knew YOU were the one who broke the news and that you had legitimate information. So, he can lie all he wants. People know the truth. And the vast majority know him to be an ass, and full of you know what.

  14. It cracks me up that he won't admit I broke it first. Oh well.

    Anyways, the Diva has a special treat for you guys. Hopefully, I can get it up tonight.

  15. This just explains so much.... Were u a poster on DR?

  16. Nope. Lurking is scary enough. Looks like a lot of posters there are no longer posting. The board is dead.