Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Koz!

ShareHere's a pilot episode that Lauren Koslow did last year. Very funny. Make sure you listen to the lyrics on the song at the end.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your mother was an Other.

Talk about messed up! OMG!!! They killed Farraday! Holy shit. I did not see that one coming. What a shame.

So tonight was the Farraday episode. We see his mum, Eloise, meeting with Penelope to see how Desmond was doing after Ben shot him at the pier. We see that Eloise drove Daniel to pursue his destiny of science and math. I still don't know why she shot him though.

Apparently, his time traveling caused him memory damage. We saw that when he first arrived on the island. Charlotte was always helping him with his memory. Maybe we haven't seen the last of him since he wrote down in his journal that one day on the beach that "Desmond Hume is my constant." He might have meant the time he told Des at the hatch to find his mother. His experiments ruined the health of his girlfriend, Teresa. We saw her when Des visited her. And we saw tonight Farraday talking with Dr. Chang like we saw in that one episode, and Daniel warning Charlotte to leave the island. I thought he told her if she came back, she would die. Clever to use the "not eating chocolate before dinner" line again.

The Diva totally called Widmore being his father. lol I don't remember which post, but yeah, I called that one. So both his parents sent him on the island to be shot by his mother. That's so sick.

I don't know if setting off the bomb is a good idea. lol Jack seemed interested. Kate did not seem interested that her plane could land in LA, and she would be in prison for a significant amount of years. Can't blame her on that one. I wouldn't be surprised if she ruins Jack's plans. If they do pull it off, it would be such a bummer way to end the show. Everything gets erased, and we see their plane land. *yawn* No thank you.

Next week looks good. Sayid and Locke are on. My mind is still blown. What a waste. So Farraday's big destiny was to be shot in the back by his mom. Bummer dude.

The Diva fans have spoken. Looks like I have another xtranormal animation to create. Give me some time on that one. I hope you guys have enjoyed the ones that others have made. There's so much untapped creativity in soapland. You'd think the show would do something crazy like hire a fan to consult on storylines. Wouldn't that be something?

Tell me what you thought about today's eppy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mary Beth in SOD

There was an article about vets being fired from soaps. Mary Beth said it wasn't because of money, it was about writers and producers not liking the character/actor. Good for her. I'm tired of this money nonsense. Corday's hired as least as many actors as he has fired the last 6 months.

Anyway, let's see what Corday and Higley are up to. A Lumi fan did this one. I'm not taking sides on the whole EJ/Nicole/Sami/Lucas/Rafe/Chloe/Dan/Brady nonsense. I'm a devoted EJucas fan. I tell ya, it's going to happen some day! Anyway, enjoy. There's also a part 2.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diva, the pusher

The Diva knew I would get some faithful followers addicted to One of my faithful followers made their own Thaao and Ken part 2. Check it out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My name is Diva, and I'm an addict

Yes, I am addicted to xtranormal. Here is the newest installment of the behind the scenes of Days of Our Lives. *warning* this contains a clown for you clown-phobes and salty language.

Lost last night did a recap show. Only new info was the voice over guy saying that Widmore planted the plane and bodies to look like the Oceanic 815 plane. That was odd since Widmore never really owned up to that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Diva's New Toy

I admit it. I did read The Douchebag's Suds Report on Friday. He had embedded some youtube animations making fun of Barbara Bloom, Charles Pratt, and Ken Corday. If you go to youtube and search for "Pratt Falls" you'll find them.

Anyway, The Diva decided to do one of her own. *warning* Do not make one yourself. It's addicting. I have 2 more animations in my mind already. But if you do make one, give me the addy in the comments section. If I like it, I'll add it to my playlist. The Diva's on youtube!

My first animation in the series is a conversation between Ken Corday and Thaao Penghlis.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

That Douchebag is my dad

Miles has some other secrets he's keeping.

Ok, The Diva's dad is not The Douchebag, I'm talking about Lost last night. Miles reveals to Hurley that Dr. Chang from all the Dharma videos is his dad. I had low expectations for this episode. The show pretty much lived up to my low expectations.

Once again, we have another Lostie with a dad issue. Kate killed her dad. Jack's dad was a womanizer/alcoholic. Locke's dad tried to kill him. Sawyer's dad killed his mother and then himself. Penny's dad is Widmore. Sun's dad is a mobster. Jin was embarrassed by his dad, and claimed he was dead. Ben's dad is an alcoholic. It's hard to find a character on this show without a dad issue. That's getting a little old.

Basically, we find out that Miles had his "talking to the dead" ability from an early age. His mother tells him that his father is dead, and he won't find the body before she dies. We see him doing his psychic thing will mourning people. Naomi recruits him to talk to the dead on the island to find Ben. I'm not buying that. Why would the dead know about Ben's whereabouts? I think Widmore had other plans for Miles.

Hurley, once again, steals the show. He tries to get Miles to reach out to his father. Miles at the end finally opens his mind to the idea. It would be nice to see an attempt to reconcile with his father, but this is Lost, so we know it'll end badly. lol

Rodger suspects Kate of kidnapping his son. Blah blah blah Jack covered for her which was nice. One of the Dharma people got the surveillance tape of Sawyer and Kate driving away with Ben. Yep, they are in trouble.

We do get to see the Orchid and the Hatch stations being built. The Dharma guy who died must have had his filling kill him because of the electromagnets in the area of the Hatch. I don't remember, is the Hatch the Pearl or the Swan station? Looks like soon we'll find out the true purpose of these stations.

Oh, and there' s a rumor that Miles has his abilities because his dad experimented on him at the island. That's why his mother fled with him.

Daniel's back. Hurray. I love the actor. We already know he was a part of the Orchid being built from one of the flashbacks. I still prefer Ben v Locke to the Dharma stuff.

ICAM with Hurley on "fixing" The Empire Strikes Back. But yeah, Return of the Jedi needed the most work with those friggin awful Ewoks. That's one of my main problems with George Lucas. He constantly sacrifices his own art for a quick buck. All his movies lately have to do with merchandising than good art. For example, the awful Indiana Jones IV movie. Wow was that bad.

I'm not impressed with the preview for the new episode in two weeks. They've been advertising this split amongst the Dharma losties for weeks, and we haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure how interesting next week's Oceanic 6 episode is going to be either. Oh well, all the Lost episodes can't be gems. It seems to this Diva, that the show is starting to become 95% percent filler with a huge surprise the last 5 minutes of every episode. I can do without the big reveal at the end of every episode if the entire episode is good.

Let's hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to not write off a supercouple

Antony DiMera dead, again

The Diva has been dreading writing this blog. I knew all along that the show would do a crappy job withTony's death as soon as I was alerted to Thaao's firing. Yep, I was right.

First off, Tony was written totally out of character again. When Higley (I think it was her) wrote the advertising companies storyline, at least that was more in character with Tony and Anna. Tony never gave a shit about whatever business dealings Stefano had. Tony always had legit companies that he managed. But advertising was a bizarre pick. They should have brought back Anna DiMera Designs. That could have tied in with Basic Black and Titan. Anyways, the Diva digresses, but I have no clue why Tony was interested in the alternative fuels project. And of course that idiotic storyline died with Tony. So glad Tony died for absolutely nothing.

I preferred the more brotherly Tony. He gave good advice to clueless EJ for months. Watching him turn on a dime on EJ didn't make much sense. His last dying thought should have been of his wife, not of revenge against his brother. It was fun though to watch Tony drive Nicole nuts. lol That was in character. Tony was never a saint. Thaao's best scenes were with Arianne. He totally made her squirm. The christening scenes were written and acted very well. The reception afterwards at the DiMansion was hilarious.

So Tony packs up his things. I have to say, Tony's bedroom sucked. Who the hell designed that? The set decorating on the show is friggin awful. The sets are so boring. Anyway, Tony announces he's moving with Anna to NYC. Stefano throws a fit. Then the AFP stuff hits the fan. Even EJ threatens Tony after that. I was disappointed with these scenes. They should have been longer. Also Tony should have went through his decades long list of grievances against Stefano (with flashbacks). Instead we just get Stefano insulting him and cutting him off.

Then came the ridiculous pier scenes. Philip throwing a hissy fit and beating up the guy who took the project he lost awhile ago was ridiculous. Philip attempting to beat up a man twice his age, and only breaking even was kind of funny. The fall from the stairs was awful. Then we got to watch it in flashbacks for several days. The whole accident looks physically impossible.

Then the show got worse at the hospital. Thaao didn't speak for his last 3 episodes. wtf? Yeah, Thaao does a great job acting with just his face. But he's amazing with his voice too. Having EJ and Nicole bother him into 2 heart attacks was ridiculous. If Tony was that fragile, why wasn't he isolated from his dysfunctional family? The editing for those 3 episodes were awful. They kept cutting up the hospital scenes to the point that the audience had a hard time getting emotional over them. Bope wasn't concerned at all with their friend Tony. All they cared about was covering Philip's ass for the millionth time. They wanted Tony to live for Philip, not Tony or Anna.

Tony dies without his wife. Seriously why? Why couldn't they have Leann there when he died? That would have been a 3 handkerchiefs moment. Instead we have Lexie give up on her brother without attempting CPR. Joe M's look of death at Philip when he found out his son was dead was priceless. Stefano's scenes with Tony's body would have been better if they weren't chopped up to ten second soundbites. If they refused to have Anna there when he died, why not have a scene with him with his body? Instead we just get a less than 5 minute scenes between Stefano and Anna that were campy. It was all about Stefano's revenge on Philip and not about Anna mourning her husband. Oh, and Tony's memorial service was off screen. Nice.

The Diva doesn't get it. This was supposed to be the big sweeps storyline, yet they didn't try to cash in with a memorial. That would have given them at least another big day or two of ratings. The show did hit 3 million viewers during Tony's death week. Why not have a memorial to let Anna and the fans mourn for a beloved character that's been off and on the show since 1981? Of course, the show didn't even bother to use flashbacks. I have no idea why since they are quite fond of the Tony falling off the stairs flashback over and over again.

Soap Opera Digest was perplexed too in the Editor's Choice section last week. "As for Thaao's Penghlis's Tony, it's a total shame that the talented thesp got his best work on his way out. Seeing him in such fine form makes you wonder why Penghlis was relegated to the back burner for so long." The rest of the article has several Tony quotes delivered perfectly by Thaao. Of course we know because of Thaao, Mary Beth, and Stephen why Thaao was "relegated to the back burner for so long". It was because of his age and his pay. The show doesn't care about good acting. Just stand there, look pretty, and say your lines.

Anyway, once again the fans do a better job with a Tony memorial than the show did.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stephen and Mary Beth interview

The Diva finally got the magazine today. Good for them for telling it like it is. I added my two cents to their comments.

Here's some highlights:
Q: Where you surprised about being written off?

SN: "...No, because the support and story had not been there since Ed Scott was let go, which, btw, was a huge mistake. Ed's departure sent morale on the set on a downward spiral."

Diva: Scott's replacement, Gary Tomlin the architect of the vet firings.

MBE: "...they had a bottom line that they had to do, and I think that the people who are running it now have an idea of how they want it to be, so that's what they did. I don't think it mattered who was popular or who wasn't or whatever, obviously, so I wasn't surprised."

Diva: Tomlin doesn't give a shit about the fans and who they like.

SOD: no official exit scene

SN: "...that is indicative of a writer who really does not want to write anything for you and a "cut-and-run" attitude that prevails. When they decide they are done with you, they don't bother to give the characters the respect of resolving story."

Diva: Higley is a moron who is too lazy to write good endings to characters she doesn't like.

SOD: how was your return to DOOL?

SN: "...Hogan Sheffer was putting a lot of energy into us. Hogan did research and watched the early shows from our first run...The trouble was, he was the only one doing the research. Writer's assistants were frequently coming to me and Mary Beth, asking us the history of the characters. You would think the show would have those things written down somewhere. Finally, I handed everyone beautifully packaged DVDs that our fans had put together of every episode we were ever in. I must say that the first story (the Ava story) Higley was responsible for overseeing was great. After that, we were dropped like hot potatoes, and once Ed Scott was out of the picture, we were in trouble. He fought for us. I know that much."

MBE: "It's been such a spin there for a while, with just so many people getting fired, and there was just so much going on that it was pretty stressful. Everybody cares about everybody there; it's like a family and to watch all your friends get laid off, it's really hard."

Diva: Sheffer does his research. The assistant writers are lazy as hell. Sheesh, it's their job to do research. I still don't like the Ava story. It's almost impossible to get into a story when you know the actress, Tamara Braun, would only be on for 6 months. What's the point of liking Ava then? Ed Scott is vet friendly. He should have stayed. The production of the show is awful, especially the editing. Vet scenes are cut too short. Stefano's mourning over Tony's dead body would have been better if it were just cut into two scenes, instead of 5 or 6 10 second scenes. It's hard to get into a scene when they keep zipping in and out of scenes every ten seconds.

SOD: missed opportunities

SN: "...Early on, a producer told Mary Beth and me that there would be no more seconds takes for acting. One day, I stood in the booth soon after that and watched two actors in a highly emotional scene do five takes because the producer thought he saw a boom shadow, which no one could identify. 5 takes for a phantom boom shadow! If the acting had been off, they would have moved on. Another actor reported that this same producer had told him that he did not care so much about the acting and that the audience would understand enough about the story by simply hearing the words. Can you imagine? Yet the crew and any actor who cared about what they were doing felt a renewed energy and expressed that to us both. It turned out to be an uphill battle all the way."

MBE: "...I thought that Stephen and I brought value to the show, and I certainly know there was a fan base, and I thought we brought things to the canvas that other people didn't, but it just didn't seem to matter when it call came down. They had to make their bottom line."

Diva: No more second takes for acting. That explains the really really bad Nadia Bjorlin scenes. Isn't it great to have a producer not give a shit about acting? If you want someone to just recite lines, why not hire Dan Rather and a teleprompter? Thaao said similar things last year. Tomlin told him that air time depends on whether or not your pretty, not talent. Good for MBE saying that some of the actors still on the show don't have a fan base and can't act.

Both SN and MBE are busy with other projects. Good for them. There's also a section just to say thank you to their fans. Very classy.

For some of you fans who like what Tomlin is doing, go buy SOD and read what they said for yourselves. The show no longer cares about good acting or good actors or fan bases. Like the Diva has said before, the show is being turned into Passions. It's all about looking pretty and being expendable. God bless Stephen, Mary Beth, and Thaao for being honest.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Now you know how it feels to be me.

Finally! The Diva has been waiting years for Ben to be Locke's bitch. *insert evil laugh here* The island has a wicked sense of humor.

First, you can tell that things have changed relationship-wise from the beginning. Ben was shocked that Locke was alive. I know he said to John's face that he wasn't, but he was. He admitted it to Sun. He said he didn't know the island could bring the dead back to life or whatever type of zombie John we have now. Absolutely unbelievable acting. You can feel John's new power over Ben. You can feel Ben's nervousness about not being the one in the know. You know it before they even talked about it. "Now you know how it feels to be me."

Ben hasn't changed much. He immediately tried to get Caesar to kill Locke. Very appropriate name. Ben aka Brutus kills Caesar in a total cheap shot. I still don't see the point of killing an unarmed man. Ben did it because he could. Et tu Brute?

How hella scary was it when Ben found Sun? The Diva really thought dead Alex would be in her room. Is it just me or did Ben not seem that interested in the Losties being in the Dharma Initiative? Maybe he just now remembered what happened to him in 1977. That's the question. Did Ben know all along what happened in 1977 or does he just learn it now in 2007?

I was disappointed that Lapidus chose to go back to the little island. I really don't care what happens to the other people who were on that plane. I'm starting to think though that Ilana is a mole from Charles Widmore. I'm sure Widmore wanted someone of his to be on that plane. Jeff Fahey is being totally wasted this season.

We didn't get any answers on how the island fixed Ben. He was just in that tent with young, hot Charles. We don't know either how Ben got Charles to leave on the sub. The Diva just assumed that Charles may have moved the island banishing himself.

Widmore is a son of a bitch isn't he? He wanted Alex dead for no reason really. It does seem though like the leader of the Others always pressures newbies into murder. Ben told Locke to kill his dad in order to join the Others. I guess Ben was supposed to kill Danielle Rousseau to prove his worthiness. Ben does kill his own father though. Funny how both Ben and John (via Sawyer) killed their fathers. Both their fathers were quite awful. In an odd coincidence, the Sci Fi Channel yesterday showed the rerun of Sawyer killing Locke's father.

So Ben summons the monster by pulling a stopper out of a drain. Who would have thunk that? I loved how Locke needled him about how the monster was faster the last time. lol I don't remember Locke ever being at the temple. He must now have some innate knowledge of the island. I loved how that scared Ben. Nice of Ben to apologize to Sun for shooting Desmond. It's always good to confess your sins before meeting a monster. I'm assuming that Danielle's people who went down that hole become "infected" because of the monster. Her people tried to kill her while pregnant afterwards. Maybe the island did not want Danielle and Alex alive. Charles got what he wanted 18 years later. He had Danielle and Alex murdered. Ben made a bad bluff and got his daughter killed. I think he assumed the island would protect her because of who he is, but he disowned her as a bluff. Apparently the island does not like being taken for granted.

Under the temple was easily the best part of the episode. I was getting a little antsy for something to happen. Then the monster comes out of the floor. Scary! Of all the awful things Ben has done, the island only judged him on forsaking his daughter? How about all those murders he committed? He just killed someone the day before. I don't believe the island is innately good like what was mentioned in some of the comments here last week. The island is only looking out for itself. I'm thinking that maybe the island gave Alex to Ben as a gift, and he let his gift die. Any theories on why the island was only upset about Alex's murder?

So Alex the ghost comes back to beat up her dad. She didn't seem too impressed with his apology. Alex/the island said that Ben was conspiring to kill Locke again, no brainer there. lol So now the island made Ben, Locke's bitch. How sweet. You are right Ben. Karma is a fickle bitch. I think it's safe to say that if Ben doesn't unwaveringly follow Locke that he's a dead man.

I noticed Sun did not go under the temple. But she was in the room with the smoke monster recently when she and Frank were talking to Christian. Ben seemed a bit shocked when Sun mentioned Christian. I'm assuming that Ben knows who Christian is. He may be shocked that the island/Christian/Jacob/whatever even bothered to talk to Sun.

Looks like next week is the Miles episode. Besides being snarky, Miles has really shown no real purpose. I wonder who the dead dude is that Miles talks to. It looks like Hurley doesn't know the corpse. I have to say, I'd rather watch the "Ben and Locke" show than the Dharma Initiative v 2.0.

Stephen and Mary beth rock the casbah

Stephen and Mary Beth rock the Casbah

Hello Diva Worshipers….As promised I am back to discuss the fabulous interview in SOD this week of Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans and I must say…F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. This is why I say Stephen and Mary Beth rock the Casbah. I know that is just such a old song and I am pretty much showing my age by even knowing the song, but I am the Diva and anyone who might have a problem with it can SUCK IT!

Anyhow…back to the interview. I had my Diva spies out bright and early today looking for copies of this SOD because for one…I am the Diva and I don’t have to buy my own and two I was just too lazy to go to the store today….so sue me! Well anyhow my spies brought me back a nice little summary of said interview and I must say….Diva likes it…she really likes it. Here are the highlights of the interview just in case my followers are just as lazy as me.

Digest: Were you surprised to hear the characters were being written off?

Nichols: Yes and no. Yes, because I was surprised that they allowed two of the most beloved characters in the history of the show to just fade into the background and then eventually away. No, because the support and story had not been there since Ed Scott [former co-executive producer] was let go which, by the way, was a huge mistake. Ed's departure sent morale on the set on a downward spiral.

How would you characterize you return in DAYS?

Nichols: We had our moments and Hogan Sheffer [former head writer] was putting a lot of energy into us. Hogan did research and watched the early shows from out first run. He told Mary Beth and me that, to his eye, it was the best stuff ever on daytime. The trouble was, he was the only one doing the research. Writer's assistants were frequently coming to me and Mary Beth, asking us the history of the characters. You would think the show would have these things written down somewhere. Finally, I handed everyone beautifully packages DVDs that our fans had put together of every episode we were ever in. I must say that the first story (the Ava story) Dena Higley [head writer] was responsible for overseeing was great. After that, we were dropped like hot potatoes and once Ed Scott was out of the picture, we were in trouble. He fought for us, I know that much.

Evans: I said to Ken, when it finally came down that we were going to let go. I said, "Thank you. I always wanted to come back. I always wanted to play the second chapter of these characters and I had a great time." I feel like it was a real win; I didn't leave there feeling like, "Oh God." Other times when I've left shows, I have felt so sad or anxious, but I didn't feel any of those feelings. It's been such a spin there for a while, with just so many people getting fired, and there was just so much going on that it was pretty stressful. everybody cares about everybody there, it's like a family and to watch all your friends get laid off, it's really hard.

Now followers, do you see why they rock the Casbah? They are so classy with their answers and they still tell it like it is. Now being the Diva of Days I must disagree with Stephen on one point though. The Ava storyline….was just not good and it made absolutely no sense what so ever. The only thing that was great about that storyline was the acting. Stephen, Mary Beth and even Tamara did a great job considering what they were given. It is really sad that Mary Beth really didn’t feel anything about leaving though. I guess when your character is being tossed out like garbage you can’t feel too much. I am glad they had the chance to voice their opinions in the end though, but it is sad that it took them getting shit canned for them to get a good interview and a cover.

Now I am all prepared to go reading around how they are whinny and bitter and they shouldn’t have even gotten the cover…..wait I have already read stuff like that. I have read that they should have never been given the cover. That this cover should have went to Guiding Light and how people can’t see how this couple is even beloved and so on and so forth.

Well like always I have an opinion on this issue too. I figure Guiding Light will get the next cover and probably the next after that so I don’t think they are hurting about it. Now I can understand how Steve and Kayla is not someone’s cup o’ tea so to speak, but to wonder why they are beloved….come on give me a break now. It doesn’t take a Mensa member to figure that one out. Great chemistry between two great actors, a great first run, two people who give a damn about their fans, two people who have the upmost respect for each other and a bunch of fabulous fans who call themselves Skorks are what makes them beloved. So if that doesn’t explain why they are beloved then please feel free to give some more reasons.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Quick and the Dead

Before I blog about Lost, I just wanted to say something about the comments from readers. First off, I delete any comments mentioning someone's real name. That's not cool, and it's stalkerish. If you have a problem with someone, deal with them on your own time elsewhere. Second, the Diva haters need to give up on this "strategery" of giving me phony advice which is just censorship. The Diva is not worried about being sued by anyone. The Diva is not politically correct, so deal with it. The comments by others are not politically correct either. If you prefer a blog sanitized of anything that is politically incorrect, then go elsewhere. The point of the Diva blog is for me to express myself without erratic moderation by others. If you prefer moderated comments, then go elsewhere.

Back to more important stuff like Lost last night. It was dull and predictable. Didn't we all figure out that Sawyer was whispering about Clementine? Didn't we all know Kate gave Aaron to his grandmother who just happened to be in LA? I'm surprised that Sawyer admitted that he jumped off the helicopter because he didn't want to commit to Kate. That didn't ring true to me. But he has finally matured into a normal relationship with Juliet. The human ping pong Kate is actually man-less for the first time. Was it just me or was Ben's daddy interested in Kate? I'm glad they finally humanized Ben's dad a little.

At first I blamed Jack for Ben going to the Others. But since Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer didn't tell him they were giving Ben to the Others, he's getting a pass from me. It's amazing to see Jack's que sera, sera attitude. He seems to be going from one extreme to the other but is still making mistakes by not acting at all. I don't get how Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer didn't see how they were molding Ben into being Ben by giving him to Richard. Richard took him to the temple. Finally, we'll get to see what that is all about. Did anyone catch all the names Richard rattled off that needed to decide about Ben? All I caught was Widmore.

The Diva really did enjoy the Hurley/Miles debate. I love it when shows put the fans' speculations in an episode. I'm leaning towards the Losties not being able to change the future at all. Or you can say they had a hand on how things ended up in 2003-2004.

Next week looks like it will be the eppy of the year. Ben gets judged. Who doesn't want to see that? I loved watching Ben squirm when he saw undead John Locke watching him. There's two excellent actors who would never get hired on DOOL because of age and looks as we said in our earlier Lost discussion. I love Michael Emerson (Ben.) Ben's a fascinating character, but I still want Locke to shoot him and then strangle him.

Is it just me, or was Ana Lucia in the previews? The Diva can't wait!

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great laugh yesterday. The Diva is back!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Diva's secret identity revealed!

Yes bitches. The Diva decided it's time to reveal my secret identity. Those douchebags at Daytime Royalty are breathing down my neck trying to "out" me while they are hiding away in non-lurk mode. So I decided it's time to let my faithful followers know who they have been reading the past two months......