Monday, March 30, 2009

The Douchebag is a liar


The Diva can prove it. Before, I always give him a small benefit of a doubt that he's just lazy with his reporting. Turns out, I was wrong. Yes, I admit it, I was wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Read his "news" about Thaao Penghlis from his Suds Report for Friday.

Doesn't that sound like wonderful news for Thaao? Too bad the entire thing is FALSE. There's no movie role. The entire mini interview is a FRAUD. He never talked to Thaao. He made the entire thing up.

It's time for the Douchebag to be fired. He should not get away with faking interviews. Please spread this link everywhere. The Diva is tired of DOOL/soap fans taking this Douchebag seriously.

EDIT: Thaao posted on his guestbook yesterday. He did not mention anything about a film role. You'd think he would if it were true.

ANOTHER EDIT: The Diva was just lurking through her blog entries, when I discovered my blog entry about the Thaao/Leann chat that was held on March 7th. According to the Douchebag, Thaao was actually on location filming a movie, not at his house holding a chat with his fans while cooking dinner for Leann Hunley. Oh, and Thaao never mentions this movie during the chat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Larry the Torturer

lmao Who would have thunk it? Larry from Newhart is on the island. Yes, the Diva is blogging about Lost again. No signs of Larry's brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl being on the island.

So Sayid's a killer. We've known that. He tries to stop, but never for long really. The eppy tonight was pretty much all about him. I have to say, I was still shocked he shot Ben. I doubt Ben stays most sincerely dead. If Locke can survive death twice, I'm sure Ben can find a way.

It was funny watching Sayid trying not to get on that plane. That would scare the shit out of me seeing the Oceanic 6 and Ben on that plane. So that woman is a bounty hunter. Lucky for her she survived the crash unlike the guy who was bringing Kate back to LA from Sydney.

So, does Ben live or die?

Thursday at 7 pm there's another outage on the blog. Don't know why.

The Slaying of the Idols

"A the slaying of the idols. Letting go of the past, and to the world I look forward to with a great future." Count Antony DiMera, March 24, 2009

In appreciation of our slain idols, the DOOL vets, The Diva came across this youtube montage.

Tribute to the Vets

The blog has a scheduled outage at about 7 pm. Don't worry, we'll be back!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slap happy

You know a soap is getting good when a lot of characters get slapped.

What cracks me up about Tony is that he says what the audience was thinking. Thank goodness he brought up the fact that EJ didn't know his wife was faking her pregnancy. It was funny when he said he deserved that slap from Nicole. It's a shame that EJ got dumbed down this bad. Hopefully he'll get his brains and balls back soon.

It was funny watching the DiMeras take in the EJami fight. Like I said yesterday, if Sami wants the DiMeras out of her life, then she needs to leave them the hell alone first.

Why didn't Daniel get slapped? Boy is he asking for it. He was so incredibly rude to Maggie yesterday. Last time I checked, don't the Hortons write his paycheck? You'd think he would be a little nicer to the current matriarch of the Horton family. I'm loving Maggie getting a lot of air time. Please, please, please have her slap Dan. He was so shitty about knowing that Lucloe got married and rubbing it into her face that she didn't. He has this attitude that he's a martyr for giving up on married Chloe. Martyr my beautiful diva ass! Why is popular Tony getting killed off next week and not sleazy Dan? I still don't see a real motivation for killing off Tony, but there's plenty of suspects to kill off Dan.

Kate needs to give up on Lucas. He's a dumb ass. Seriously Kate needs to move on. I have no idea why he attacked for her showing up in Vegas. Yeah, I can see getting mad about the annulment suggestion. Still Lucas thinks she supports this relationship of his, so why the attitude? How many times do we need to see "Kate the meddling mother" storyline? She's much more interesting as the cougar that she is.

Who is the bigger dumb ass? Brady or Rafe? Brady lectures Rafe on Sami's damsel in distress lure for men, yet he has done nothing but get conned by Nicole since he's been back. Pot meet kettle? Sami and Nicole are pretty much the same character except Sami cries all the time and is extremely fertile. Brady and Rafe are pretty much the same character too. *yawn*

Let's have Brady, Rafe, and EJ all slap each other until they see the light. The Diva hates dumb characters. They are boring and predictable. I'd rather watch smart characters try to manipulate each other instead of dumb ass men being led by their balls by overly emotional whiny women.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Stefano renounces Satan!

Holy cow. He swore to renounce Satan in church. We at the Diva News Network (DNN) decided to send out our crack investigative reporter, John Black, to get Satan's perspective on Stefano's announcement.

John and Satan

I guess s/he wasn't impressed. But the Diva was impressed with the funniest christening ever. Watching the DiMeras renounce Satan was hysterical. The Diva loved watching Tony slowly torture Nicole while letting his niece suck on his finger. Baby Sydney is too friggin cute.

Sami doesn't make much sense to me. She is keeping her daughter away so she won't be near Stefano, but she's spent more time with the DiMeras than her own family. There was no reason for her to be at the christening other than to watch her own daughter get baptized as a DiMera.

The after reception was great too. Stefano good naturedly handled the ribbing from his own family about not getting struck by lightning at the church. Tony made references to "The Godfather", which btw, was on all weekend on cable. I always thought there was a strong resemblance between Thaao and Al Pacino.

Will and Mia are totally snoozeworthy. Boring. Will needs a serious haircut. The actors aren't impressing me together. No chemistry. The acting isn't the best. Hopefully they'll grow into their roles. Mia not having a last name isn't interesting. Rafe's mysterious past isn't interesting. Galen still can't act. The Diva doesn't understand why Tony who has totally energized this show last week will be dead in a week, but we're stuck watching deadweight like Rafe who has done nothing to bring any life into the show at all. There's going to be a huge acting void next week with the departures of Thaao and Leann. The newbies aren't going to fill the void, they are going to make it more pronounced.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Ethan and young Ben

Yes, I'm blogging about Lost again. Why? Because it rocks.

So Juliet helped birth a monster like Ethan. Lovely. I wonder if she's regretting that one. I'm loving how this quad is working out. The Diva loves the tension between Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Juliet. DOOL should take notes on this...none of us know how these 2 couples are going to turn out. Isn't that refreshing? Isn't that better than having Corday or Higley tell you what the end game is?

The Jack/Sawyer confrontation was fantastic. Sawyer asserted himself as the leader. Jack had no problem with that. lol I was kind of surprised that Jack gave up so easily. He was acting like the leader in LA. I think it's great maturity on Jack's part that he finally acknowledged that he just doesn't understand how the island works.

I love bad ass Sun! That was awesome of her to knock Ben out. I'm not sure what happened with the recruitment station. It looks like Sun and Frank aren't in 1977. I wonder if Ben directed Frank there for him to be killed. It also looks like Christian and the smoke monster are one in the same. The monster showed up before we saw Christian in the office. Then the monster snuck up on Sun and Frank. Remember the Jin episode where Danielle accused her husband/baby's daddy of being infected. She was right. He tried to kill her. I think Locke, and soon to be Sun and Frank are "infected." I think all 3 are dead. The island manipulates their bodies/minds. But the people are truly dead. I don't think Sun was supposed to go back to the island. Why would she still be on the plane when everyone else disappeared to the main island?

I guess it's karma for Sayid to be in jail accused of being a hostile. How ironic that young Ben gives him a sandwich considering Sayid tortures him 27 years later. I was wondering what would happen with Ben and young Ben on the same island together. We know that Locke finds Ben in an infirmary later. I don't think Ben was supposed to come back either and that's why he was still on the plane when it landed.

Lost blog is over until next week.

Back to DOOL for a minute. I was a little disappointed with the Tony/Mia scenes. I don't think the young actress quite pulled it off. I like her. She could have used some direction though. Thaao was great as always, but Taylor just didn't hold up her end. I can't watch Melanie and her doopy brother. I'm glad Melanie finally acknowledged that she can't run with the big dogs. No shit. Philip running into the DiMansion, which wasn't locked for some reason, yelling for Tony was funny. Here we go again. Tony all of a sudden has a bad reputation. I mean, yeah, I wouldn't mess with him either, but still this bad reputation occurred over night.

What was hysterical today was Stefano making baby Sydney cry. They must have switched babies because 2 seconds later, Sydney was listening to her grandpa quietly. Too cute.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Days needs to get Lost

Salem needs a Smoke Monster! Bring Mr. Eko too.

The Diva is really enjoying the new season of Lost. And I am also tired of fans complaining that they are confused. Oh c'mon. It's not that hard to follow. I' m loving the time traveling stuff. What a wonderful way to explain all the island's mysteries. We know now what happened to Rousseau. Now, we'll learn more about the Dharma Initiative.

The mystery that I'm interested in now is whether or not the Losties can change the past/future. Can they prevent deaths of their friends on the island? What a fascinating concept.

But Diva, wth does that have to do with DOOL?

Ok, I'll get to the point. Since the show has taken for the worse since Tomlin decided to turn DOOL into Passion v 2.o, wouldn't it be great to have the show do a little time travel? Of course, let's do it after Tomlin and Higley leave. Have the new writer pick a point in DOOL history and go back to fix what's wrong with the show now. See that would be a stunning publicity stunt. Have one of the current characters, maybe Bo since he's psychic now, see the chaos around him and try to fix it by turning back time. Maybe have Nick invent a time machine in the psych ward. lol

So, dear readers, at what point in time would like Bo (or another character, I don't want to limit anyone's imagination) to go back to? I was thinking I would send Bo back to when the hospital lockdown happened. That was a wonderful start to a great storyline that got killed because Tomlin didn't want to use the 40+ years old cast. Nicole would still be pregnant. Sami didn't know she was pregnant at the time. J&M were still on. S&K were still on. Tony was still alive. Anna was on more than once in 6 months. Nick didn't kill anyone. Stefano was scaring people instead of changing diapers. Unfortunately Melanie, Dan, and Chloe were around. That's where the smoke monster comes in. lol

So, let's hear it. If you could turn back time like Cher, where in time would you like to go back to and start over?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

No funeral for Tony

Please link, don't copy and paste. Don't copy and paste and link, that's just lame. lol

The Diva Spy Network had a hard time sneaking into the Thaao/Leann chat. The room was full! But we got some tidbits for ya.

No funeral for Tony. Seriously, unless you are a Brady or Horton, why bother right? Tony is found dead. I'm assuming that means no scenes of Tony actually dying. That's too bad, because Thaao does death scenes so well. I guess TIIC didn't want Thaao getting another Emmy pre-nom next year. The Diva believes he also mentioned "Tony" smoking a cigar. We all know what that means.

Thaao said he suggested that Leann be brought back 3 years ago, but only Sheffer was interested. He said he was "hostile" towards Corday his last day of work. He questioned why did they kill Tony instead of just letting Tanna leave town. Corday lowered his head and wouldn't look at him. Good for him! It's about time someone questions Corday on his dumb ass decision making. Tony's dead in 3 weeks. Where's the buildup?

EDIT: The Diva got more info. Leann said that they tried to make Anna more serious this time, but Leann kept playing it for comedy. Why would you not want Leann to be funny? She also said her Dawson's Creek role was her favorite besides Anna.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leann posted, more spoilers

ShareGeez, they wouldn't accept the basket for Leann either.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thaao posted, contains spoilers

He confirms what I suspected. Anna's nowhere near her husband during his death.

Click on his guestbook.

My take

DR board owner, Rick's banner. At least someone there has a sense of humor.

Time to expose the dirty laundry. The Douchebag Royalty board banned a member who posted here recently criticizing them in my comments section, and without a warning no less! Also another member got banned for simply linking the Diva blog; so much for "no holds barred" bullshit. Oh, and you can't lurk there anymore either. Freedom of expression is alive and well at Douchebag Royalty. Apparently members aren't allowed to comment here or link the blog. Anyone is welcome to comment here. The Diva promises that I won't tattle on anyone who comments here from Douchebag Royalty.

Back to important things, like the pre-emmy noms. The problem with the nominations is mostly the writing. Most of these actors are pretty good, but the writing is just crap for them. So here's to the actors for doing a great job with absolute crap. The Diva believes a lot of these actors would be Emmy nominees/winners if they were on a different show.

The lead actress nominees are Renee and Lauren. Both excellent actresses. I believe they got picked because of Kate's cancer and Theo's autism. Both stories, unfortunately, weren't that great. Kate's cancer was about Chloe and Dan. Lexie mostly just freaked out every time Theo got lost.

The lead actor nominees are Thaao and Peter. Thaao could get the pre-nom just by reciting limericks, he's that great of an actor. Unfortunately he had very little story. But his scenes in the hospital lockdown storyline were some of the best of the year. Peter's acting has never impressed me but he did have his pancreas storyline and Shawn's death.

The best supporting actress nominees are Arianne and Tamara. Tamara was a huge surprise to me. I thought Peggy McCay had a lock on this category. She was great with dealing with Shawn's death. Also she was fabulous with the Trent murder storyline. I love Arianne. She should have been in the lead category. But I do think she has a strong chance of getting a nomination in supporting. It's hard to break into the "lead" category as a young woman. Leann Hunley could have been nominated too. She steals every scene she's in. Also, the supporting category is friendly to actors that are comical.

The best supporting actor nominees are Jay and Stephen. Those are good picks. I would have picked Joe M instead of Jay. The Diva is ok with Jay's pre-nom.

The outstanding younger actress nominees for DOOL are Rachel and Molly. Rachel's great. No problem there. Molly, seriously, wtf?

The outstanding younger actor nominees for DOOL are Darin and Blake. Blake should get an Emmy nom this year. I think he should have gotten one last year. He was fantastic as stalker Nick. Darin doesn't impress me at all. Never has.

Good luck to all the DOOL pre-nominees!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Emmy pre-nom list!

Congrats to all the pre-nominees. The Diva can't wait to see the reaction to this list.


AMC - Debbi Morgan, Bobbie Eakes - ABC
ATWT - Maura West, Elizabeth Hubbard - CBS
B&B - Susan Flannery, Katherine Kelly Lang - CBS
DOOL - Renee Jones, Lauren Koslow - NBC
GH - Laura Wright, Sarah Brown - ABC
GL - Kim Zimmer, Gina Tognoni - CBS
OLTL - Kassie DePaiva, Susan Haskell - ABC
Y&R - Jeanne Cooper, Judith Chapman - CBS


AMC - Darnell Williams, Thorsten Kaye - ABC
ATWT - Michael Park, Grayson McCouch - CBS
B&B - John McCook, Ronn Moss - CBS
DOOL - Peter Reckell, Thaao Penghlis - NBC
GH - Maurice Benard, Anthony Geary - ABC
GL - Robert Newman, Daniel Cosgrove - CBS
OLTL - Michael Easton, Robert Woods - ABC
Y&R - Peter Bergman, Christian LeBlanc - CBS


AMC - Melissa Claire Egan, Alicia Minshew - ABC
ATWT - Kelley Menighan Hensley, Julie Pinson - CBS
B&B - Alley Mills, Heather Tom - CBS
DOOL- Arianne Zucker, Tamara Braun - NBC
GH - Rebecca Herbst, Carolyn Hennesy - ABC
GL - Crystal Chappel, Marcy Rylan - CBS
OLTL - Bree Williamson, Kathy Brier - ABC
Y&R - Adrienne Frantz, Amelia Heinle - CBS


AMC - Vincent Irizarry, Jacob Young - ABC
ATWT - Van Hansis, Trent Dawson - CBS
B&B - Kyle Lowder, William DeVry - CBS
DOOL - Jay Johnson, Stephen Nichols - NBC
GH - Bruce Weitz, Bradford Anderson - ABC
GL - Lawrence Saint-Victor, Jeff Branson - CBS
OLTL - John-Paul Lavoisier, Tuc Watkins - ABC
Y&R - Michael Graziadei, Ted Shackelford - CBS


AMC - Brianne Moncrief, Shannon Kane - ABC
ATWT - Marnie Schulenburg, Meredith Hagner - CBS
B&B - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - CBS
DOOL - Molly Burnett, Rachel Melvin - NBC
GH - Kirsten Storms, Julie Berman - ABC
GL - Caitlin Van Zandt, Bonnie Dennison - CBS
OLTL - Kristen Alderson, Farah Fath - ABC
Y&R - Christel Khalil, Emily O'Brien - CBS


AMC - Daniel Kennedy, Cornelius Smith, Jr. - ABC
ATWT - Billy Magnussen, Mick Hazen - CBS
DOOL - Blake Berris, Darin Brooks - NBC
GL - EJ Bonilla - CBS
OLTL - Brandon Buddy, Edward Alderson - ABC
Y&R - Bryton McClure, Kevin Schmidt - CBS

Courtesy of

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Diva Book Club


It's about time we start The Diva Book Club. Our first book, dear followers, is, "Are You There God? It's Me, Chloe." I'm sure it's destined to be a New York Times bestseller. Here is an excerpt:

Are you there God? It's me, Chloe. I need your help so I can choose between my two fuck buddies, Lucas and Daniel. Lucas is hot, but dumber than a box of rocks with a shrieking ex wife and a baby. Daniel is a horny doctor who feels up all his terminal patients. You can see why I'm having such a hard time deciding. With dummy Lucas, I have an instant family who loves me. With Daniel, I have hot sex, but he may dump me for another terminal patient some day.

On the other hand, I did have hot sex with Lucas in an elevator. But I also had hot sex with Daniel in Lucas' old apartment. Lucas has a romantic cabin in the woods, but it lacks indoor plumbing. I guess that's better than Daniel's front door exploding. I could have been hurt! Thanks God, for Lucas getting hurt in the explosion causing him to lose his memory. He forgot that I slept with Daniel! How lucky can a girl get?

So, God, is it too much to ask that I can keep both guys? I mean, Lucas will probably dump me for Sami somewhere down the line. Daniel will probably dump me for Ciara in a few years. So why can't I keep them both in the mean time?

Oh, and God...can you cook up another explosion for Kate, Victor, and Maggie?

Thanks! You are the best God ever!