Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twu wuv?

Well, after the wild and crazy ride of the last few weeks...what with Drake and Deidre’s pathetic exit, Thaao’s firing, Stephen and MaryBeth’s firing, Thaao’s new job, Dena Higley’s blog disappearing and Daytime Confidential pissing me off...things seem to have quieted down a little bit. This Diva has been so bored that she has even resorted to actually catching up on DAYS...

Which is making me ponder the phenomenon of this latest couple: Dr. Dan and Chloe...

I’ll be honest, dear readers. The Diva just doesn’t get it.

I don’t mean to offend the actors. Shawn Christian and Nadia Bjorlin are definitely part of that clique known as the “beautiful people”. But where is the story in this so-called romance?

Dan and Chloe have found this great love over a few casual conversations at the gym and an inappropriate medicinal groping? Huh? If DAYS just called this coupling what it really is: a few lusty wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am scrumps just to kill time and cool down the libidos, then I would have more respect for this story. But to call it love? To give them their own love song, complete with raging fireplace and candlelight??!! Where was John and Marlena’s romantic interlude after he turned from Jawn to John? Oh, yes, there was no time for romance since John was too busy being paralyzed from the neck down. Where is Steve and Kayla’s love song? We won’t even get one freakin’ chorus of “The Rose” before they fade off into the background forever!? And while we’re at it, where was Tony and Anna’s wedding after they were separated by Stefano Dimera for twenty years? As with everything else with these abused characters for the last six months, it happened off-screen.

Sorry, but Dan and Chloe have not paid enough dues for this kind of frontburner story. For one thing, I have a hard time believing that either one of these characters has a clue of what love is.

Dr. Dan nearly seduced the young Chelsea (after having groped her one time too many in the hospital)...was responsible for breaking up the love of Chelsea and Nick, thus enabling Nick to fall for the most annoying character in the history of soaps, Melanie Layton, and as a result of said infatuation, went insane...promptly skipped from Chelsea to Grandma Kate...but now he’s with Chloe and it’s twu wuv.

Chloe falsely accused her former boyfriend, Phillip Kiriakis, of raping her when she was simply pissed off at him...let Brady turn into a drug addict while she was off singing opera somewhere...used Phillip as a fuck buddy for a few months because she had nothing better to do...and got herself engaged to Lucas after a hot and sweaty encounter in a stuck elevator. But after having been banged against the hospital door by Dr. Dan, it’s twu wuv.

Three cheers for Victor Kiriakis who calls it like he sees it about Chloe...and I couldn’t agree with him more. I always laugh when he throws out one of those cruel zingers aimed to kill.

If there’s one bright side to this parody of a love story, it’s that Lucas will get out of this toxic relationship with Chloe. After being cheated on by Sami and now cheated on by Chloe, he really needs a lady who will appreciate him for the charming fellow he is., Lucas? This Diva’s free for a date anytime!


  1. I am smiling from ear to ear. I agree with almost every word you said Diva.

    Chloe and Daniel in love? WoW, someone's idea of falling in love is different from mine. First off, any doctor that made goo goo eyes at me while he was functioning as my doctor would get a smack, not a kiss. Misconduct anyone? Then there is infidelity of Chloe. There is no basis for it. It makes zero sense. Adults are attracted to others all the time. Mature adults who love, as Chloe says she loves Lucas, do not sleep with someone who catches their eye.

    I know this couple has fans. Both actors are good looking and usually sex draws in fans. I just find the whole thing distasteful. I was enjoying Lucas and Chloe. I hoped for once Lucas found a woman to love him and not have eyes for some other man. Chloe's judgment is already suspect as she is BFF's with Nicole who wished her dead and tried to permanently disfigure her. Now she throws Lucas away for seedy sex romps from the doctor who "loves" all his female patients.

    One good aspect of this story is thinking of how Kate will be out for blood re:Ms. Lane. Chloe has made a right fool of Kate and that is sure to not go down very well.

  2. So I can say that everything that I read from you is so true..

    Any dr that makes goo goo eyes or touches me is going to get arrested. Can't wait for Kate to go at it with Chloe.

    I also have heard that Rachel Melvin has given her notice - her choice and I applaude her decision. Also according to Mr. Corday all the cuts are done for March - they will all be getting t-shirts..

    Wow - "Gee Mr Corday - thanks for my t-shirt I will treasure it for all the days of my lives."

    Give me a break..

  3. i happen to think that daniel and chloe are an extremely sexy couple with amazing chemistry. the writing isnt good, but which storyline is well written? i think that their raw chemistry is making this couple fun to watch. the pairing of chloe and lucas, with no chemistry whatsoever is the one that needs to end..and quickly. i think the triangle would have been much more interesting with philip or brady. i love danloe!

  4. I have never seen any chemistry of any kind between NB and BD, why were they thrown together? Hopefully this plot point will pass quickly and we'll see more of Daniel and Chloe building on their relationship. Understandably long time fans of the actors let go are miffed but that has nothing to do with Danloe, they are bringing in brand new viewers and bringing back ones that left a long time ago. Days needs this shot in the arm, the show has been near death for ages.

  5. Well Diva,I for one can't agree with your analysis. I think the character of Daniel is evolving, he has been given some garbage s/l's since coming to Days, true. I think tptb recognize what a good actor they have in Shawn Christian (and he is good- unlike the flat deliveries given by 50% of the cast)and this isn't the first time a ladies man changes when he meets the woman he loves. I believe Daniel truly loves Chloe,I have no clue what Chloe's issue is because it's just ridiculous. Where was the build up in her "love" for Lucas? The show I've been watching has shown Daniel & Chloe drawn to each other for months. After many angst filled weeks of Chloe/Lucas guilt I hope Daniel & Chloe move on to something else-together.

  6. are just one jealous and twisted fuck!!!! You can have Lucas...Daniel and Chloe are too beautiful to need a shitty Bette Midler Song (bet you're really pissed off now), Smokey Robinson or any of that other lame "true love" crap typically reserved for 80's big hair couples and FUGS. DOOL sucked before Daniel and Chloe started boning....I like that TIIC are trying to develop this hot pair.....the hottest on ANY soap. I need Danloe every single day!!! That all said.....let's do lunch lover!!!!

  7. To the 2:42 AM Anonymous poster...

    From one twisted fuck to another...nope, I'm not pissed off. I'm too busy LMAO. Why would I be jealous of Danloe? I watched DAYS during its best years and loved the best couples. Danloe is just a combination of two physically attractive actors banging each other. So what? By the way, you're not carrying around any weedkiller or dead roses, are you?

  8. Don't you know Diva, everyone who is not into Danloe has to be jealous or part of another fanbase. Seems some fans just can't accept that their paring is nothing but crap. They were slapped togther to look good and have sex constantly. Other than that there is no story there.

  9. Danloe is the only reason to watch Days now. I don't care if you think it's inappropriate. Lucas totally sucks with Chloe and I'll be completely POed if Nadia is wasted being in a SL with him.
    Daniel has such raw chemistry with her (more than anyone - including Philip). It's not all sex- look deeper than that- he cares about her and her feelings so much. Why is it wrong that they are so attracted to each other? I didn't know this was supposed to be Little House on the Prairie. Oh and there sex scenes are the best on Daytime.
    Danloe has come on by storm and has a very loyal fanbase that is growing every day!

    Danloe FTW! Screw that drip Lucas!

  10. LOL. Daniel evolving? Well, the apes are still evolving, too.

  11. lets blame the writers for not coming up with a riveting story, but honestly can anyone watch chloe and lucas? they had to spice up that pairing and the only way to do it is finally have her paired with someone that she has chemistry with and that would be dr. jonas. Chloe and Daniel are sexy, Chloe and Lucas are nothing.

  12. I am in the mood for a sexy couple to show me what they got and Dr. Dan and Chloe do it. There chemistry is great, not forced. I can't stand to watch her with Lucas, and Dr. Dan was never this good with either one of the other women in his life. Bring on Danloe. This viewer is transfixed.

  13. I am a DANLOE fan, but I will have to say that the writers need to continue to TRY to re-write and make the chracter's and s/l's make complete sense in the show! I DO want to see STRONG chemistry between actors and not lackluster garbage. I have seen 3 different soaps within one year(Y&R, GH, and NOW DOOL)and have found this ONE thing: When chemistry is there, the writer's will not explore it BUT, love to destroy it!!! It seems that fans of soaps want to stay with the history or lackluster of chemistry to just keep them happy. And you wonder why the soaps ARE struggling to stay on, or people are tuning out!!!!! THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE! With the growing economic situation and the ages of soaps past actors', who are slowly getting into retirement age, a new breed will have to start coming forth! Diva, I know that people are calling you names b/c of your comments BUT, keep doing what you do b/c at least you are getting people to talk and that is what it is all about!!! Isn't it?!?!

  14. I like Danloe. Can't blame the quickness of their coupledom because of who is writing. They were put together with the same amount of care & consideration as Phil and Stephanie, Chloe and Lucas or EJ and Nicole.
    I just hope that Higley/Tomlin can do Lucas justice and bring on a woman who will worship the ground he walks on.
    Love the blog, no dead roses or weedkiller from me. :D

  15. I agree with you Diva, this pairing straight up SUCKS!!!! It's only about sex and it's ridiculous to try and pass it off as something else. And what is up with Shawn Christian and all the panting??? Dude, lay off that fake tanning crap. That can't be good for you!!

    Lucas and Chloe are also a contrived and horrible pairing, so I laugh when people say well at least it's better then Luloe. True they are but that isn't saying much, you are still comparing shit with shit.

  16. Diva, some of the time I agree with you, but this time I don't. I flove Danloe and everything about them. As a HUGE Lumi & Lucas fan, I really hate what this s/l has done to him, but he doesn't love Chloe. My Gosh, they were threw together quicker and in such a worse way than Danloe. Danloe does have Passion & chemistry.

    I just totally fucking hate it and I mean hate it, when I'm told, that the only reason I like Danloe is becasue I'm a member of another fanbase, adn that reason is nothing but PURE BULL SHIT!!!

    Anywho, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one!!

  17. Diva, didn't know you were one of the prudes. That's shocking to me.
    Did you happen to see today's ep? How much Daniel wants her to be happy and to do things for herself and not for him. Most of all, he doesn't want her to be ashamed of them..because he does LOVE her.

    Whoever thinks Danloe is over really doesn't have a grasp on this show. Look at the music that plays for them, look at how they are writing Daniel as such a loving and compassionate man, how St Kayla likes him & wants to see him smile. They ARE the endgame. Just be a little more open-minded and you will see it. Hey, I hated this pairing from the beginning and now I am totally hooked like never before.
    TPTB finally got it right for Chloe..I am in shock that it's with someone other than Philip or Brady.
    Well done, writers...well done!!!

  18. Chloe and Lucas are just plain awful. I can't wait for Lucas and Kate to get their revenge. Now that's must see TV. Lucas needs to find a good woman, and The Diva is currently available. lol

    But Dan and Chloe are nothing but soft porn. There's no love there no matter what Shawn Christian says. As soon as Dan comes across another terminally ill patient with big boobs, he'll dump Chloe on her ass.

    As long as fans talk about the Diva, it doesn't matter what names they call me. lol

  19. I am a die hard Danloe fan. I think they have some serious Voodoo magic chemistry going on and it permeates through my tv screen. I am sick of the old romance formula that has nearly killed soaps. Just because they didn't start with a dinner and a movie doesn't mean that they won't have a rockin' romance. I'm glad they started off balls to the wall. I love watching them, yes I said it, watching them. SC is freakin' hotter than the sun. I love all of their love noises. I love seeing his(what has to be amazing)tongue all over Nadia in their scenes. Daniel and Chloe are the reason that I started watching DOOL again after a 20 year absence. This is what I mean by love in the afternoon. Thank you writers. Thank you for finally getting a couple right.

  20. While I agree that this romance has had a bumpy start it IS what soaps are all about sex and romance.....Whether or not it's true love is yet to be determined BUT if you're going to throw stones on well deserved front burner storylines let's take a look shall we.

    First Sami and Rafe - the woman's pregnant and on maternity leave but barely a day went by where we didn't get to see her whining and crying and scheming about something. And to now have yet another man falling for her last count of men in tru wuv with Sami is now up to Three.

    Nicole and the whole baby switch, you have a problem with Danloe but this hasn't become absurd to you. Talk about enough already.

    Then we have sweet innocent "Cough,choke,cough" Stephanie who all of a sudden is in love with Phillip and him with her. Really where was this build up, Stephanie ex-murder with sorority partners in crime falls in love after like two minutes of breakup with her true love Max only to try to jump in bed with the man who sent her "cough" BFF's dad to prison and broke poor Morgan's heart.

    Melanie actually starting to enjoy watching her stir up trouble for little miss can't do wrong Stephanie.

    So with all current storylines at this point the only one worth watching is Daniel and Chloe. And by the way he didn't seduce Chelsea that was the other way around, and if anything the Kate thing was a FWB thing which we all know Kate enjoys. And blaming Chloe for accusing Phillip of rape may have happened years ago but that is water under the preverbal bridge, Brady as a drug addict is not her fault and was a poorly devised excuse by the writers as to where he was when she returned, as for getting involved with Lucas that was on both their parts two lonely souls looking for comfort and has been in play well to long. So I say Danloe is TRUE LOVE as much as can be on a soap.

  21. I love how we are somehow prudes because we won't co-sign this couple. I'm not a prude at all, just someone would good taste. I need a little more substance in my pairings then just consecutive sex scenes.

  22. Damn, we're prudes because we don't exactly get our rocks off about a doctor feeling up a patient? Now, isn't that special?

  23. I do believe that maybe the writers should have gone a different way about this. But I love this couple and I hope it works out for them.

  24. OK we're bothe twisted fucks....but you really need to put down the Cher Albums and put on some smooth jazz...light a fire and enjoy a little Danloe time....perhaps if you try might like it? It may even help you get laid....which you clearly need! Are we still on for lunch? xoxoxo

  25. The actors have chemistry, sure. But the acting is mediocre at best. Most of all, there's no story to Danloe, other than that they're sneaking around and banging each other. What exactly does Daniel "love" about Chloe? They've never even had a real conversation other than about Kate, or about sneaking around on Lucas. What does Chloe "love" about Daniel? These two don't know each other at all, except in bed. Why am I supposed to buy that they're "in love?" Just because they want to screw all the time?

  26. Normally I don't give a damn about any fanbase. There are always going to be bad apples. But Danloe fans have to be the worse. Nutty is the word that comes to mind. You are really a sad brood if you can only defend your couple by bashing other people. Makes me dislike the couple even more. But I guess with no story there's really not much to say. We get it you guys like to watch them screwing each other over and over and over again. That's really the only thing they do. Soft porn at it's best.

  27. Nutty? Oh, it's ok if you people constantly bash the actors and the SL. We stick up for them and WE are nutty. Ok, I guess we hit a nerve with our assessment of the anti-fans.
    Whatever, it's all good.
    If you think you are insulting us by saying we like soft-porn and you are so much better because you can't get your rocks off, so be it.
    We are the ones enjoying this SL, all the youtubes vids, and all the great sex we are having.

    Jealous much??

  28. Diva - you are right on!

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark - the Danloe fans are young, immature, and have only started watching days in the last year. And they only care about the sex scenes and not actual story telling.

    Seriously, Dan and Chloe are cheap and easy. They have no story line, no "raw" chemistry, and most importantly no history. Danloe is as disgusting as this writing.

  29. Looks like the fanbase doesn't fall too far from the pairing. LoL Daniel and Chloe has to be one of the worst pairings that Days has given us. True, not every romance is going to start out with cupids and candlelight, but please at least give them some type of storyline. They are all sex and no substance.

    This is one storyline and fanbase that I can't wait to see crash and burn.

  30. Since Shawn and Nadia are the worst 2 actors on Days, maybe the writers will finally get a clue and write both of them off the show. Shawn looks like a monkey. Nadia is easy on the eyes, but she can't act worth a shit. The only reason she is on Days is because of her pretty face and fake tits. Dan & Chloe are repulsive. They don't have many fans, just the one or two that keep reposting comments on here.

  31. I really love how the ONE Danloe fan insists on calling herself/himself WE. I guess that is for each personality they have, but technically it is still ONE!

    Sooooooooooo the ones who think this couple is repulsive are prudes now.....interesting. Just because some of us remember what a real relationship is like does not make us prudes. If you get your rocks off on this Danloe shit then you might need new batteries soon!

  32. I agree with the "prude" comment.
    You people are crazy.
    What's wrong with two physically attractive people banging on Soaps? I'll take that over another baby switch/swap anyday.
    Nicole and Sami are both gross.

    Oh and that chick is friggin hot and I would do her too if I were the fine Doctor.

  33. i like danloe and some dont, but to insult the actors, shawn and nadia is truly uncalled for. they are actors playing a role, there is no need to insult their looks or talent. the truth of the matter is, they are on national television and we are not. they must have something. there is really no reason to be rude to them.

  34. This is my blog, I can insult the actors if I want. If you want censorship, there's plenty of message boards that don't allow actor bashing. Go hang out there.

  35. I do zink dese numerous anonymous names are zhowing das affliction known as der split personality. Verrrrry interestink!

  36. Shawn and Nadia are wonderful together as Daniel and Chloe. I watch them and FF through all the rest. However I am starting to like Melanie cause she is a bad girl. Daniel and Chloe are an amazing couple with great heat and romance. Can't wait to watch it unfold. Great storyline. Danloe rocks.