Monday, February 23, 2009

Thaao posted again, all hell breaks loose

Leann celebrates that TIIC gave her one episode to shoot in 6 months.

The Diva guesses that even actors are not allowed to comment about the almighty JER and his writing style. The JER Gay Mafia was on the rampage this weekend banning posters who dared to defend Thaao. "Uncensored, no holds barred" my beautiful diva ass! Apparently The Douchebag calling the members of the Gay Mafia board "idiots" doesn't warrant a ban, but DOOL fans who think Thaao is correct need to be removed from the board. Well, that's what you get with a board that allows known stalkers as members.

Finally some good news. Leann Hunley is returning for one whopping episode for Tony's murder. It is sad that our standards are so low that we are happy that she's back for only one episode. Thaao's only going to be on for sixteen, and he's the murder victim.

In typical DOOL fashion, Shawn Christian re-signed as the manwhore, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Did anyone really think they weren't going to re-sign him? Daniel's the only doctor on the show left. We all know what that means. More groping! More bad porn with Chloe. When will this madness end? It won't unless Tomlin gets fired.


  1. Can you tone down the homophobia just a tad? I agree with a lot of what you say, but this is the second post in a row that you had some weird-ass comment stereotyping gays and JERk, which is, well, weird. And offensive.

  2. Since when is it homophobic to point out that gay men love JER? I'm still trying to figure out why. That's just a general observation from what I've seen online. I'm sorry if I offended anyone who is gay and doesn't like JER, I understand how offensive that would be.

  3. Ok anonymous how was Diva being homophobic in her post? Enlighten me please...

    I mean I think it is more disturbing and offensive to talk about how you want to go down on some of the male actors on the show then what I have read in these blogs. If that is being homophobic then I guess I will be guilty of it too because I think it is offensive.

    Great post Diva and I love the picture of Leann...she is so adorable! lol

  4. Thanks for posting Binky Boo.

    Hopefully now we can get more feedback.

    This isn't a gay bashing blog. The Diva posts about current online events. Several people told me what went down on a certain board, so I blogged about it.

    There is a gay demographic that watches soaps. There's quote a few boards run by gay men. In my observation, I noticed that they tend to like JER, Eileen Davidson, and Deidre Hall. I don't consider that stereotyping. It's not negative. Just merely an observation. If there were one legged strippers running message boards banning posters that disagree with them on JER and Thaao, I'd blog about them too. I'd call them the "one legged stripper Mafia." The point is, don't brag about having lax rules, then ban posters for merely disagreeing with the administration. That flies in the face of the "no holds barred" advertising.

    I don't censor posts here. The Diva deleted only one comment in the history of this blog because someone's real name was posted. That's dangerous. That could leak to stalking. So I deleted it. Anyway, this blog is more of uncensored board then that board.

  5. I always was offended by JERk and Langan's misogynistic writing. I found it offensive that characters who once had morals were suddenly sluts -- they were not prudish, virgins, but they did not jump in the sack with every man -- these same women once were not male dependent -- though part of a super couple -- they were strong willed, smart, had jobs. Once those to hacks too over women were ruined. They were bad mothers, nymphomaniacs, they did not work, they were man dependent. The standard stereotyping of women by women hating men, oversexed, stupid, weak people who needed a man. I also hated how they ruined couples? Why what was in their mind that they thought loving relationships was something to ruin and pervert and ridicule? And it was not just romantic relationships, but also any relationship parent-child, sibling, friendships. Apparently both men had issues with their families because once they took over the cornerstone of the show, THE FAMILY -- even with the villains -- was destroyed. So as a woman I find JERk offensive, disgusting and hateful.

  6. I'm the one who made the homophobic comment. Really, it's the tone you used in that other post, (paraphrasing)"what is it with gays loving JERk," and how you keep bringing up some kind of gay cult over the guy. It's bit brow-raising how you seem to be fixated on that, as if Nelson being a douchebag (and he totally is) has anything to do with him being gay. If you're going to complain about someone's words, actions, or faults, it's best not to bring up his sexuality (or race or religion, for that matter) in the same breath. It sounds shady.

    And no, I'm not gay and I'm not a JERk fan.

  7. The Diva is not shady. I say what I mean.

    LOL I don't think it's a gay cult, but those guys are friends with each other.

    Please read my other blog entries. 99% of them have nothing to do with anyone's sexuality. I have 3 blogs I'm working on now that have nothing to do with sexuality.

    Nelson's a douchebag because he is. It has nothing to do with him being gay. I criticize his writing, not his gayness.

  8. I know what I am tired of seeing on the boards. Gay men posting almost naked airbrushed pictures of straight male actors . Some of the main network boards have teens posting. I don't think it is proper for them to see that. Biased mods on various network boards let some of the offensive stuff stay. There are only 3 gay male posters that disgust me. I won't name them. I enjoy posting with the others and consider friends. It is not their sexuality I have problems with, it is flaunting it in an unusual manner. Some things, whether straight or gay are private. A little joking once in a while, I can understand. But the soap boards are about soaps.

  9. I think it's nuts that people are going off the deep end about Thaao's comments. It's sad that a board like Daytime Royalty, which used to be so much fun, is turning into the mess it is right now. As I've lurked there, I've noticed that, too. They have some nasty cusses there. Even Douchebag has the good sense to avoid it lately.
    And accusations of homophobia? PU-LEEZE. Those fans who threw a fit ARE gay. Or is it OK to brag about being gay only when it fits their agenda?
    I'll have to re-program Days in my Tivo just to make sure to catch LeeAnn. In other news, Shawn Christian? Yawn.

  10. So glad Shawn re-signed, and so excited about his and Nadia's s/l. They are the only couple worth watching and cheering for on Days. Can't wait for them to fall deeper in love and the angst to begin. Keeps me glued. Danloe rocks.

  11. For shame! The Diva is getting as bad as the person she likes to call out all the time.

  12. I don't care who's gay or straight at Daytime Royalty or anywhere else. But I dislike that Thaao can get bashed nonstop on that board, but if anyone dares to defend him and what he said about Reilly, they get banned. The message board's run by a bunch of fascists!

  13. The board is run by people who want to run their own board since they got in trouble at other boards. They just wanted the right to say what THEY want, not necessarily give others the right to say something that might be opposing.
    And Donnie, the Diva doesn't write for a national periodical and doesn't claim to be a professional. Big difference.

  14. Thanks Bill of Rights. I'm not a journalist, just a blogger. I can write what I want to write about. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read. With that being said, I'm not trying to appeal to the masses. The point of the blog is to express my own pov about DOOL and its online community.

    Yes, at last 3 members of the admin of DR have been banned or forced to leave message boards because they could not tolerate a differing opinion. Now, they get to run a board and ban people that disagree that JER never walked on water. Oh, and I just heard they deleted a thread about Thaao's interview. So much for "no holds barred."

  15. DR was a board I could read for 10 minutes and get some good info about the soaps. Now it is all biased and censored. Waste of time.

  16. *The board is run by people who want to run their own board since they got in trouble at other boards. They just wanted the right to say what THEY want, not necessarily give others the right to say something that might be opposing*

    then you don't advertise your site on Googele as

    Search Results

    Daytime Royalty
    A no-holds-barred forum discussing the latest soap news, gossip and drama! - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

    if they wanted their own board to dictate what is debate and what isn't, great but that's not what they're doing. Instead they pretended their board was different. Better. They wouldn't censor and asked only that posters respect each other but they allow some posters to bait whomever they choose based on their own likes and dislikes and call anyone who disagrees with them children who don't know how to debate. That just makes them look the fools they are.

  17. You all are fucking morons. The DR is no holds barred until you start attacking other users and their opinions. Why don't you all get off your high horses and look at what you are saying to others and you will see that more than half of you attack others because of their beliefs or opinions. That's why people got banned there, not because the "Gay" Admin had a personal vendetta against an actor or their fan base. The fact that you all are willing to put blame on others for your own actions are a true testament to the human nature. It's pathetic.

  18. The board is uncensored in terms of us being able to share our opinions about the shows and the actors, not other members. There IS a difference. Also who cares if the people in charge are gay or not? You claim that it isnt an issue but you threw it in there for a reason. A persons sexuality doesn't have anything to do with the way they run a board, so throwing that in there with a negative connotation is ridiculous.

    Also, its funny that the people who are calling for less censoring are the SAME ONES saying that the board is "too gay" and people should stop posting risque pictures of male soap stars. How ironic is THAT?

  19. *The DR is no holds barred until you start attacking other users and their opinions*

    That's nice, if it were true. Problem is some people are allowed to attack and bait all they like and call people names and they are not banned and respect for opinions in that kind of atmosphere is a fantasy. If respect isn't shown to everyone, it is not going to be reciprocated.

    When the mods on a board allow a member who posts his weekly column to blatantly bash members, but turns around and bans those who do the same, what did they expect was going to happen?

  20. My my, the folks at a certain board are defensive and trying to justify their double standards. Standards which are defending some of the biggest trolls, baiters, and goaders ever. Then they ban people with differing opinions. Can't take the heat I suppose. Fishwives I tell ya. No holds barred? Chickenshits.

  21. Just curious if any of the admin will admit they started DR because they didn't respect others' opinions at SON. The Diva heard they were driven away from that board. Sorry, I don't follow that board, I don't know much about it.

    Oh, The Diva has heard that one admin member did get banned from the Sony board for blatant actor bashing and poster bashing.

    How's that for irony?

  22. The Diva "heard" wrong then because I for one know that the DR was started because SON had a team of people running the place at the time that had started a clique of their very own. If anyone thinks that the DR has played favorites then you should have been at SON around the time when Daytime Royalty was created. The DR wouldn't have as many members as they do if something wasn't rotten in the state of Denmark to begin with.

    The aforementioned team at SON were all demoted and they created their own board that's called SOS which looks like SON's twin.

    If the people who Admin at the DR were so awful somewhere else then why did so many people happily join a board that was created and is run by them?

    It's funny how people come and start complaining about how awful it's gotten at the DR because people are being banned and whatever else people are whining about. Has anyone stopped to think that people who were recently banned because they decided to be flippant and ignore the private warnings they had received previously? Not everything happens where everyone else can see.

  23. Diva you are an idiot ... GOODBYE!

  24. ummm diva I would love to hear you explain how you know whether or not certain peoples bannings were deserved or not. do you have the ability to read pms and see what kind of harassment might be going on out of your eye sight ????

  25. Why would anyone be interested in PM's that probably say the mundane "you've been warned." blah blah blah. I don't read other people's pm's.

    You guys banned a poster with a very good reputation who happens to be quite popular.

    If you guys have balls, which I doubt. Go back and re-post all the deleted posts in the "Thaao posted" thread where the mods were baiting and bashing the Thaao fans. Don't forget the posts where the mods brag that they don't have to follow the rules.

    Undelete the Thaao interview thread so everyone can read who was doing the baiting. I've heard from several people that the main person baiting is a 5 time banned poster from the SC with the reputation of stalking people. But the mods like her so they let her harass the other members. Seriously, shame on you for letting that wretched woman post there.

    As for SON, seriously that board is completely irrelevant. But The Diva is so glad you guys started your own clique at your own board. I never even heard of SOS so they must really suck. lol

    DR has a lot of members because of the spoilers really. It's a great spoiler board. It's not a place to debate though, because the mods have no clue what it means to debate. Debating is not baiting posters who disagree with you, bash them, and then ban them.

  26. It's easy to criticize someone's work when your not the one having to do it.

  27. Well duh. lol

    Let everyone see your "work" then. Put the posts and thread back up. I'll link you.

  28. *It's easy to criticize someone's work when your not the one having to do it*

    yup, that's right, but you and many others do that on a daily basis everytime an actor, producer or writer says something you don't like, that you find arrogant, silly. The list goes on. I see you don't like people criticizing you though.

  29. dearest Diva,

    you are a perez hilton-wannabe cunt whore. you're probably a 14 year old obese teen bitch who blogs this shit in between masturbating to your "twilight" readings.

    with all my hate,

  30. Well, at least it's nice to be at a place that is TRULY "no holds barred". Last mature.

  31. I like that other board. They closed it off to everybody but their little group. Now that is the way to win and get your point across.

  32. Hi everyone, this is Hoochielicious. I'm the meanie who got banned at DR. Just thought I'd share here what happened to me without being banned or censored. lol

    I have been a member there for over a year, I think. I never had a single problem with a mod. Never got a warning. Nothing. Ellie did send me a pre-warning once when she was mod because something I said must have upset poor widdle Jiggs. Anyway, we had a good laugh about the pre-warning. It was no big deal.

    So my record was spotless until last week. I participated in the Thaao interview thread debate that got locked and then deleted AFTER I was banned for a few days. When I was there, I thought the thread was pretty clean. When someone was baiting me (Jiggs), I debated her instead of reporting her like she did to me. Basically, yeah, I beat the crap out of her in the debate cleanly.

    She has it in her playbook to say that any actor who gets fired is "just business." She's been saying that for years. Of course, the only actor she actually cares about is Deidre. Anyway, my friends and I pointed out to her that it's "just business" when DH got fired too. Then she acted dumb like she didn't get it, and of course she did, she just couldn't come up with a decent response. So I posted to the her that she was being "hypocritical" for her whole "just business" comment. That's not poster bashing, I was making a point about the flaw in her argument. Apparently, the "victim" stalker old hag reported me for baiting her, which is funny since that is what she did in that thread first.

    part 2....

  33. Still Hoochielicious,
    Anyway. I'm not sure at what time, but I did get a pm on Saturday. I didn't even go to my inbox, I just assumed it was one of my friends pm'ing me about the debate. I didn't check it because no one ever pm's me about anything important there. They know there's better places to get a hold of me. Like I said, I was confident that I had followed the rules.

    Anyway, I read the "Thaao posted" thread. Kenny the mod was the first person there baiting by passive aggressively calling Thaao an "asshole." He wasn't happy because Thaao said that the DOOL fans that don't understand his pov don't have his insight. My friends and I were arguing that is the case. No one at DR works at DOOL. Anyway, Kenny, a known Thaao hater, was pissed with Thaao and took it out on his fans.

    Rick, the board owner, bashed the Hoochies in that thread first. He called us "junior high" and "catty". My friend called him out on that. Kenny told us that Rick did not have to follow the rules since he's the board owner. I made a comment about how the Hoochies did not receive any warnings in the Thaao interview thread.

    Then, boom, I get another pm. I did not go to my inbox because Kenny was personally bashing me left and right in the Thaao posted thread. I was too busy defending myself. Kenny called me an "idiot" and the "hypocrite police." He accused me of baiting in the other thread over the Jiggs/hypocritical comment. I argued that wasn't against the rules to point out a flaw in someone's debate. Then I pointed out to him that he was breaking the rules by bashing me.

    Then Rhiannon, another mod, jumped in questioning how we act on other boards. I told her that I haven't had an infraction in over a year at the SC (actually it's been over 14 months.) And I pointed out that I believe Kenny's been banned at the SC.

    It was dinner time. My dinner was getting cold. So I posted that I would be back later. I ate and went to church. I came back, and I was banned.

    All of Kenny's posts bashing me had been deleted. The Thaao interview thread got deleted. And now you can't lurk anymore at DR. If they are so proud of their board and their conduct, why can't anyone lurk anymore?

    Why are they letting a 5 time banned loser like Jiggs do her usual bait and report tactic at their board? That board got ruined months ago when she and her friends infested it. Karma is a bitch. Kenny will pay for sucking up to her. Nelson, who is a douchebag, sucked up to her, then she bashed him as soon as he reported that the DH's hate each other. Your next, Kenny. Eventually you are going to disagree with her, and she'll put you on her shit list.

    I don't care about the ban. Whatever. Time to move on.

  34. Don't worry hoochielicious. Most of us that have been around a few years on the boards are well aware of Jiggs, Kenny and their ilk. Can't take the heat. Hall will probably never be back on Days. Thaao has other options. Projects in the works. It is just sour grapes from people that don't play fair.

  35. Hoochielicious again. Sorry how do I get my name to show up here? lol

    Thanks. I'm totally cool with the ban. I was mostly there for the spoilers anyways. No big deal.

    I'm not worried about Thaao. He can take care of himself. Even though I'm not a Marlena fan, good luck to Deidre too.

    Yes I am the hypocrite police. lol It does bother me when ppl don't live up to the standards they lecture other ppl about. I'm proud to have been banned from the Hypocrite Board. lol

  36. Hoochie, you were banned for being a shit stirrer plain and simple so just stop with the "woo is me" act.

  37. The Daytime Royalty message board is a joke. It has been taken over by J&M/Deidre fans since the news was announced that Drake and Deidre were going to get fired. Those fans infested the board with the likes of Jiggs who is the biggest and ugliest internet troll in soap opera cyber space. I think the bitch has been banned from most soap message boards and now she is stinking up DR and NBC.

    Hoochielicious, I saw all of the drama unfold that you talked about and everything happened like you said it did. The Gay Mafia Mods at DR preach about it being a "no holds barred" message board, but in reality it isn't. If you don't kiss their asses and agree with them, they will poster bash you and then ban you. All they do is bash posters and talk about spanking each other. They are nothing more than circle jerks.

  38. Hoochielicious again. What shit stirring did I do? Name it.

    BTW, the mods were here bashing me first. I came here to give my side of the story. Considering they aren't allowing lurkers at DR, it seems to me they don't want non-posters to see how they operate.

    What a bunch of wussies. A girl outdebated them so they banned me, deleted a thread, and deleted posts attacking me. If I was such a shit stirrer, then let everyone see the shit I stirred. lol They won't because they know it'll make them look bad. Let everyone see if I'm a shit stirrer, or if they are a bunch of hypocrites. I stand behind my behavior.

  39. I saw Jiggs very clearly bashing Thaao on the board on her own without provocation. So most of the Thaao fans there were calling her on it. Yet the Thaao fans got banned for "baiting" while Jiggs is still there happily spewing her hate everywhere without so much as a slap on the wrist. That's an example of how the DR board is a joke.

  40. can we get back on topic?

    thaao is old, hairy, washed up, bald, and talentless. his followers are obsessive and creepy.

    not to mention, he is a homosexual so i don't know why his "hoochies" (read: whores) love him anyway. since he won't even want their washed up, stanky vaginas anyway.

    daytime is a better place without him.

  41. Marlena Hogan BrancoFebruary 27, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    Wow, what a way to get back in topic, bringing up the Thaao is gay comment like it's an insult.
    Some hoochie apparently got the best of you, sweetie, for you to be so bitter towards them.

  42. Definitely, there are problems there. It's sad, because debating there used to be fun.

  43. i didn't bring up him being gay as an insult. i did the insults. and then i just mentioned he happens to be gay.

  44. Thaaos hoochies are all 'woe is me' but theyre really the biggest troublemakers on the boards. this includes SONY.

  45. they really are. they're awful. they've always been awful. frankly, i am glad we'll be rid of them in a few weeks.

  46. Jiggs is stinking up this place too. Go away you filthy skank!

  47. I have a cage to rent out . I can be contacted at University Hospital, 4th Floor Psych Ward. Cage is great for locking up trolls, terrible mods, old haggy shriveled up posters like Jiggs.

  48. I'm PROUD to be a Thaao hoochie! I'm not obsessive. Believe it or not, I have a life and other interests besides Thaao. Being a Thaao hoochie means appreciating his talent and wanting the absolute best for him. And being supportive of him in whatever projects he does.

    I applaud Hoochielicious, and others like her, for having the guts to speak out in defense of Thaao and doing their best to set the facts right on the boards.

    While I find Thaao attractive, it's okay if others don't. But there is no need to be insulting. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    One more thing. If you think the hoochies will be gone from the boards when Thaao is gone......Think again!

  49. I was also posting in that thread and saw baiting and bashing by Jiggs, Kenny and Rick. Why should members follow the rules when they see the owners and mods not following them? What do they expect to happen? Anyway that thread was closed right after I posted defending a comment that Thaao was a moneywhore. Damn good post too! LOL! So I asked why the thread was closed. I was no way baiting or bashing anyone. The response was it was closed because nothing was being resolved. I said it was funny it happened right after I thought I made a pretty good point. The answer back was I will check with them and get back to you with the exact reason. LOL guess what they then DELETED the thread! So then after going back and forth on why it was deleted I was told the thread was deleted because it was going in circles and became nothing more than a "he does this," "he does that," "He's a god!" And contributed nothing to the board except hard feelings. Hmm do I detect a little baiting there?? WTF? Oh well I will probably be banned at DR after this but WTH I did it for Thaao! Damn he is one sexy HOT Greek GOD!

  50. Kenny has always had an issue with his temper on the boards. If you agree with him, or kiss up to him, you're golden. But he's not very tolerant when people disagree with him. He takes things personally, gets pissed off, throws a hissy, and starts baiting or attacking. That's why he was permanently banned from Sony.

  51. DR mods, why not be honest about hoochielicious, and admit you banned her because of a personality conflict? You didn't like what she had to say. It pissed you off. You don't like her. That's fine. However, from what I've seen, she didn't do anything meriting a ban, never mind a permanent one. No one was personally bashed or attacked. Not by her, anyway. She merely disagreed with the mods on a topic under heated discussion, and pointed it out when they broke their own rules during a debate.

    I also thought it was lousy that the Ari/James thread and Thaao thread got pulled at DR. Threads are getting pulled there more and more these days. By the way, Gemma called and wanted to say you're doing an excellent job! ;-)

    So much for "no holds barred."

  52. to the anonymous person who said hoochies were the biggest troublemakers on sony, can you define troublemakers and give an example? i mean, i see people giving good examples of why dr is biased but for those calling thaao and hoochies names, no examples.

  53. who gives a shit about hoochie? you people act like she's some kinda goddess and she must be avenged. BS! she's nothing because she cant get her lips off thaao's saggy balls.

  54. Dang, Anonymous child. Your either missin the point or just don't want to see it. You think hurlin insults is making what is being said about dr any less valid?

  55. Who cares? dr is just a board and everybody is going crazy over nothing. Priorities people!!

  56. I'm reading a lot of insults and I don't care bs from people who obviously care enough to take the time to come and post, oh and all the lecturing. If you really all have something better to do, why aren't you somewhere else doing it? You're only making it evident that it matters and what was said got to you. If you're so sure you are right, what the hell does anything said here matter?

  57. The person that keeps talking about Thaao's balls must be a carpet munching lesbian. Jiggs is that you?

  58. Creature In Chloe's HairFebruary 28, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    Hoochielicious was banned for defending Thaao? What kind of a message board is Daytime Royalty? Just because they don't agree with what a member of their board posts, they ban them? No wonder they are getting so much criticism against them. I have ran across the poster referred to as Jiggs and if she is there posting, no wonder the place is so bad. She does nothing more than poster bash people no matter where she posts. I still can't believe that the NBC board made her a mod. They lost me and a lot of other posters when that happened. That woman/man is a very unhappy person and has way too much time on their hands to be on the internet as much as they are.

    The people that are on here insulting Thaao are probably the same trolls that cause the trouble at Daytime Royalty and don't get in trouble for it. The mods there seem like losers that throw temper tantrums if they don't get their way. I wouldn't waste my time posting at a place like that. If you can't voice your opinions without being harassed by the mods, then what is the point in going there?

    I have talked to a few of Thaao's hoochies before and they are all beautiful, talented, and classy women. Don't let the word hoochie fool you. Those women love and admire Thaao not only for his handsome looks, but also for his acting, intelligence, and charm. If you have ever met the man in person, you would turn into a fan if you weren't already one. Thaao seems to respect his fans as much as they respect him. That is a rare combination these days when most actors don't give a damn about their fans. So to the hoochies, Bravo! Keep up your support for Thaao and don't let the ones that are envious of you get you down.

  59. thaao is a perverted troll.

  60. Damn, this is highly entertaining!

  61. To me the DR changed when different fan bases joined and started going to war against each other. I miss what it was before they discovered the place, all boards seem to change when the fan bases find them and take hold like a vice-grip.

    I'd blow my stack occasionally too if I had to put up with grown people arguing like spoiled brats who think they can do whatever that want when it comes to defending who they think is the best actor or couple.

    I don't post there or anywhere else like I used to when it comes to Days because of the way Ejami's, Ejoles,Hoochies,Jarlenas and etc. attack anyone who dares to disagree with them.

    If they know you from any other boards and know anything personal about you at all they have no problem using those things against you in an attempt to win an argument or further their agenda. They travel in packs like a bunch of rabid wolves with rabies.

    Diva you really should be on the lookout for moles within your own Diva Network.

  62. someone really needs to learn the difference between people carrying on a debate and disagreeing and those who attack. Just because someone argues with someone else's opinion, doesn't mean they are attacking anyone and it's not just about the show anyway. I saw this happening at DR during the presidential election and I had to listen to the same stupid thing. People were getting their feelings hurt because they were being attacked. They were going to close down the thread because of it. I see plenty of nasty things said at nearly every site where discussion is not censored but its not always being done by fanbases so, maybe it's not just a matter or sticking up for a particular actor as it is sticking up for what the poster believes or wants. I'm so sick of people complaining about how debates go nowhere and they need to be stopped. If someone doesn't like how a debate is going, all they have to do is stop reading the damn thing. It is what you do if you are an adult...ignore what you don't like.

    there is a reason that there are boards where this shit doesn't happen and it has NOTHING to do with the fact the don't have fanbases over-running has to do with the fact that the people running them behave like adults and expect the same from their members and believe it or not, it works without any of this silly drama.

  63. Tommy Horton Jr.March 1, 2009 at 2:57 AM

    There are some events in message board / blog history that are worthy of an award. Not those crappy awards that were at Sony. #1. The board suicide blasting Gemma at Sony by Bo~Hope. #2. The banning of Jiggs at Sony. We all threw a party. Except now she is back there as 100Kdance. #3. The outing of mhemp as her new alter troublemaker ego FreeWorld. What great fun we had torturing that flaming asshole. Gosh darn, there are so many great moments. But now we have the assine fools at DR to try and teach how to run a board. OK, let them have their little board and tell themselves how great they are. Oh, BTW Kenny. You suck.