Sunday, February 8, 2009

Actors are people too.

When the Diva first started cruising message boards to find others with whom to discuss Days of Our Lives, she expected normal conversations about plot, what might happen, maybe little tidbits, and other good things...discussions between civilized adults. What she has discovered over the years, however, has astounded her. Suffice it to say that the Diva will never again scoff at the stereotypes of the crazed soap fan again.
Let me preface this by saying I have friends of every, er, fanbase persuasion. I have actually found intelligent people who like J&M, Bope, Steve/Kayla, Shelle, Shimi, Jate, Ejami, Ejole, Lumi, Tanna, al. These folks can even hold a decent conversation online and they don't think it's the end of western civilization as we know it when things don't go their way on a TV show....
Case in point: the famous chatgate. Oh, my, Drake Hogestyn chose to have a chat with Lauren Koslow. It was the chat heard round the world. Drake committed the ultimate adultery.....against the Jammer fanbase. This resulted in black roses, weed killer sprayed in the general direction of Lauren Koslow, drunkenness, and general debauchery.
Then there are those very young J&M fans who insist that the "love affair" crossed into real life. Drake's darling real life wife, Victoria, was the jealous interloper. Wow.
Then there are the radical EJami fans. I have very good EJami fans. I love them dearly. They have common sense. They know the lousiness of the whole writing for the couple. We all have couples who, despite the crummy writing, we just love. We can't help ourselves. We know they're not perfect. However, there are those few who used to think what James Scott said was gospel. He was GAWD with a Capital GAW. However, there has been a recent article featuring James Scott and Arianne Zucker which hasn't set too well with some of his more, er, enamoured fans. James made the fatal mistake of mentioning how he enjoyed working with Arianne. They had cute pictures. He mentioned something about asking fans who EJ should be with, and apparently, it was pretty 50-50 Nicole and Sami. All of a sudden, James was the adulterer to the EJami cause. Or, he was misunderstood. Or, his words were twisted. One snarky James "fan" on a board is wondering whether James has the hots for Arianne. One mentioned Arianne's 'wrinkles" and how she's too old for him. Several mentioned the huge Ejami fanbase. And, of course, there's the ever-present "They OWE us something. We're waiting for a payoff!!" Never mind Lumi fans said the same thing. Never mind that this is a soap and a positive payoff for a couple relegates them to either the sympathetic town ear or the town busybody.
Then some Ejami fans bashed Ali Sweeney on her own blog for being happy that Bryan Dattilo was back on the show. They thought she betrayed Ejami.
It makes the Diva wonder what the poor actors have to deal with in real life. Many of these fans wander from board to board...some banned, some coming up with new usernames.....all of them seeming to scream for some attention that someone isn't giving them somewhere.
Seriously, actors are people too. It's ok for them to want to work with other actors. They are not betraying you if they enjoy working with other people on occasion. I'm sure there's radical fans in every fanbase. Fanbases shouldn't be judged by a few nuts. Getting mad at an actor because you don't think they are shipping your favorite couple is crazy. The Diva honestly doesn't get why fans prefer the couples/characters over the actors. Seriously, these couples are fictitious!
The Diva enjoys reading boards. There are the folks who have real lives. They know the difference between reality and fiction and are able to carry on debates about TV shows and walk away, if not shaking hands, at least respectful and honorable. But, the Diva has to wonder what the lives of these sad, obsessed people are like. What will they do when the show is cancelled? Kudos to the fans who enjoy the past, but realize that life goes on. Here's to you!


  1. I think that sometimes people have a hard time separating the actor from the character. They don't write this crap, they just perform what is written.

  2. Just found your blog...awesome stuff. You've explained exactly why I now stay away from soap message boards. The fanbases are just insane.

  3. Weed killer ? OMG. That explains a few things. Great blog as usual Diva.

  4. Thanks Diva on commenting on the crazed fan and fanbase situation. You did point out that every fanbase has their crazies, but some are definatly worse than others. I was a big J/M fan at one time, not a Jammer, and it actually was the actions of that group that soon turned me away from J/M after coming to the web and seeing what went on with a few bad seeds. I was also a Tony fan and it was his fans who respected and treated me better when I dared to say Tony should have gotten together with Marlena. I was able to have healthy and fun debates with them unlike the Jammers who I knew I could never even mention the possibility to.

    I am a huge Tony and Anna fan, and I also loved Tony and Renee, but was able to accept Tony and Thaao with Anna/Leann. I would have loved to see Tony and Kate get together. I thought Thaao and Lauren had very good chemistry and would have been HOT together. I think actors are at their best when they are able to work and create with different actors and storylines.

  5. Diva, thanks for this very well-written comment on fanbase fundamentalism. While I completely understand anger and being heartbroken when a couple is ruined and/or fundamentally changed by a terrible writing decision that cannot be ignored -- like EJ raping Sami; terrible thing they did to them, I do not understand when fans take it to scary levels. These are just people. They're saying their lines, they're doing their jobs, they're getting paid, often a LOT less than you may think, and they're paying their mortgage.

    The very last thing that should ever be done is forget that. That goes for TIIC, too. I dislike with vehemence the ones who messed up our soap opera, and I give them no pass at all whatsoever. But ultimately, there are reasons driving what they do that we don't always understand, and they're just doing their jobs, too. BADLY, perhaps. REALLY BADLY. But ya know, the fundamentalist fans that are vocal and insane really ruin it for the rest of us.

  6. Hilary, good point about the bosses. I've even read death wishes on Ken Corday and Dena Higley, or thoughts about them being crippled or other nasty things. Good grief. I wish people would get a friggin' grip.

  7. I agree with you but have to make one exception. For some reason Rachel Melvin decided to be bitter the show gave up the horridness of Chelsea/Daniel to possibly put her character back with Nick, so she began actively campaigning against Chick and IMO that's just bad form.

  8. I enjoy this blog, and your observations above! Unfortunately, I have no doubt that you will have a few irate Ejami's after you now. They are already saying you are an Ejole in disguise. Sheesh.

  9. I am an Ejami fan and I find this a tad offensive. Especially because it's always EJami's get who get the bad rep. For once I wish someone would REPORT THE TRUTH!

    I have never ever once bashed Ali. I love her dearly (I am a Sami fan first and foremost; Ejami, Brami, Lumi all be dammned). It actually makes me really upset when I see fans bashing the actor who bears NO resemblance to there character (I have plenty to say about this later).

    When Ej and Sami were first paired in 2006, there were rumours even then by her Lumi fanbase that she was sleeping with James in real life (yeah because I'm sure she would really cheat on her husband and ruin her kids life). I've read a lot of posts too (many are recent) and it's appauling how much Ali gets hated by other fans (non-Ejami's). Is it her fault her character is written so badly?

    I've seen every ugly thing written about her by her so called beloved Lumi loving fans (and this was way before Ejami; ask Matt Cedeno and the comments they used to make about him, particularly his SKIN COLOUR). Before you point the finger at Ejami fans, I have to remind you that Ejami fans were not the ones who forced her to close her fan site when Ben was pregnant because of all the mean commentary and Ejami fans are certainly not the ones who have written her letters or posted on message boards how she is fat (I think she's the most real and one of the most gorgeous women in daytime).

    Also, after Dec. 29, 2007, it wasn't Ejami's who were petitioning for James to be fired, called James Scott, NOT EJ, a rapist, made comments about his excessive blinking, and the list goes on.

    I understand why other Ejami's are upset about the Arianne and his interview. But of course everyone is only ever willing to see one side of the story. What else is new. If you really want the truth, maybe you should talk to Ejami's instead of stereotyping and generalizing.

  10. Yeah, uh, re: this last comment, you are a good example of what the Diva is talking about, here. Read her post again. She clearly says, if you interpret her properly, that she has friends from and respect for all the fanbases. It's not the general masses but the one off individual who can't see the forest for the trees that gives a bad name to the rest of 'em. The Diva is SUPPORTING the actors, Sweetie. Remember this quote?

    "Seriously, actors are people too. It's ok for them to want to work with other actors. They are not betraying you if they enjoy working with other people on occasion. I'm sure there's radical fans in every fanbase. Fanbases shouldn't be judged by a few nuts. Getting mad at an actor because you don't think they are shipping your favorite couple is crazy. The Diva honestly doesn't get why fans prefer the couples/characters over the actors. Seriously, these couples are fictitious!"

    Look in the mirror, you just embodied this without, maybe, meaning to. I'm a skork, but I have no problem telling people, look, I also love Bope and I also love XYZ actor, etc., and I won't apologize for it, it doesn't make me a traitor, and it certainly doesn't make the actors traitors to their characters if they want a little variety in their routine and want a different scene partner for a change. Would you like it if all you ever got to do was the proverbial TPS Report?! No. I will always love SK best, and it is no contest whom I think is the best pair of actors and best characters. That's why I'm a skork. And your an Ejami. Doesn't mean you don't have nutjobs in your fanbase. As I do mine. And do all of them.

    Also? It's only a TV show.

  11. I'm an EJami fan and I'm not irate at all. Had Diva said all EJami fans are insane and stupid because they love EJ with Sami, this would be a different post. And yes every fanbase has it's nuts.

    People like what they like. Some do indeed blur the lines between actor/character. Some become aquainted with an actor somewhat and mistakenly think they "know" them. I would imagine very few fans "know" soap actors very well at all. They see a slice of who the actor is and oftentimes they only see what the actor wishes to present. So some feel betrayed when the "known" actor suddenly seems to have changed scripts when speaking to fans. It happens all the time. The actors want to work. In this climate of lost revenues and declining audiences, I can understand this work ethic.

    All I really want to see on DOOL is a good show. I love the character of EJ and really hope he has some great things coming up. Most of al on this show I would like to see some well written, angst, mystery and romance instead of daytime porn and mindless "hookups" that are touted as true love in two days and the discarding of show history to further the plot.

    But I love this blog Diva. Truth telling is not always popular but always educational.

  12. Thanks to everyone for their comments. The blog entry was really directed at all fanbases, not the Ejamis. I love EJ with anyone to be honest. James Scott has had chemistry with every woman he has been paired with. I did read the SOD interview, and I didn't see James picking one couple over the other.

    I want the EJamis and the other fanbases to not jump on the crazy train that other fanbases have done. I'm sure part of Drake is happy right now to be rid of the J&M fanbase. If The Diva hears any stories of any fanbase giving actors black roses because they are mad that the actor in their opinion is against their couple, then I will call you out on it. If a fanbase sprays weedkiller on an actress's chair because her character is an interloper, then I will call that fanbase out.

    The blog entry is a warning for fans not to go there. Respect the actors as people doing their jobs. Don't blame them for the writing.

  13. Well spoken, Diva!

  14. I agree, in EVERY fan base there are some whose cheese has slid off the cracker. IMO, some fan bases have a larger ratio of loonies than others. But, anyone getting all super-defensive over the Diva's latest blog only makes themselves look like one of the rabid fans, because they're so reactionary, they can't recognize or acknowledge that the words and actions of some are nutty.

    Oh, and the Diva doesn't need to suck it, because I already did! :D

  15. Speaking of nutty fans, the Phloe fans are a bunch of loons talking about an imaginary birdy all the time.

  16. Why isn't this blog all about me? And where is that damn gnome?

  17. Dee Hall aka The Blonde, did you try looking up your ass?

  18. Gladys, you silly girl. I don't need to look up my ass. I have my own " people" that do that for me.

  19. I've read your blog before but this is the first time I've read the comments. Dear Lord! The HILARITY! I hurt myself laughing. Don't cha just love it? People are so angry that you would suggest that they have misbehaved that they have to attack you. They don't even get that they are proving your point. LMAO! And that lame attempt they made to toss another fanbase under the bus, "Oh we're saints! We've never done anything wrong! It wasn't us it was THEM!" ROTFLMAO!

    I'm going to have to check out more comments. Its like taking a trip to the Zoo!