Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Youthanizing" Day of Our Lives

The Diva just saw a funny commercial using a wonderful play on words with euthanizing/youthanzing. What a perfect slogan for DOOL! We can call Gary Tomlin "Dr. Kevorkian." Tomlin's youthanizing DOOL. Funny how only the vet actors are being euthanized.

Anyway, the Diva Spy Network did their research and came up with some fabulous quotes about the nicest guy ever, JER and his writing.

This from Bill Hayes

In Octorber of 2003 we were in China. The phone rings and it was Ken Corday. "We need Doug and Julie starting in December, but.... but what I say " Are you bringing us back to kill us?" Ken " Well yes" Ken couldn't assume we would agree to come back if we knew what our fate would be. "That is Doug. If you don't want any part of it, the part will be recast." One way of the other Doug was toast.

Can someone please tell me the point of killing off a recurring character?

Nurses love Reilly

Even Julia Roberts bashed Reilly

Frances Reid: Oh, and when asked about the possession storyline, Frances said, "I was ashamed! It was embarrassing." When asked why, she said something like, "I can't believe in the devil. Can you? It was embarrassing."

Galen Gering, "Then the thing that would always crack me up-and still does to this day-is they would come over the PA and be like, 'Okay, that's a little out of character; you can't play it that way.' You're thinking, 'Are you freaking kidding me right now? Have you guys read read the show?' "

Galen again, "Or other scenes where they were like, 'Okay, you have to play this for real [even though] I know your girlfriend [Fancy] has been raped like 8 times.' [As Luis, I said], 'Oh, I'm just going to go out and grab something to eat real fast.' She was like, 'No, don't leave me alone. I'm going to be attacked,' and I was like, 'Don't worry, you're fine!' Then of course, she gets attacked and then next day, we're having a romantic love scene. It's like 'What? How do I do this?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Melanie, Melanie, Melanie


You are a pretty girl, Molly. Stop making goofy faces.

The Diva is in a state of shock and confusion in regards to this obnoxious character created by Dena Higley.....still hoping that she will be over thrown by Sheri Anderson so my favorite soap will somehow be saved from being completely destroyed. But that is another blog for another day.

Getting back to the twit. She has annoyed the Diva from day one. That grating voice has me wanting to reach out and slap the girl every time she opens her mouth. And if she flips her hair just one more time I will reach through the TV screen and pull every strand of hair from that empty little head! Like the Diva aren't you all wondering why is she here? What is her purpose, other than to annoy every single person in Salem? Ahh, but TPTB, after sharing some of Michael Phelps's weed have come up with the brilliant idea to have her try and control the Kiriakis AND DiMera families. Go ahead join the Diva in yelling WTF! So long time fans are to believe that this red haired, snot nosed, teenager is going to control the great Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis? Again people WTF? The Diva ain't buying this storyline. If truly written in character, Stefano and Victor would have already squashed her like a bug. These two great crime families are being destroyed before our eyes by this character only because she came cheap?

And what would make this an even greater insult is if this little twit will somehow be responsible for the demise of one of Days most exciting and beloved characters, Tony DiMera! The Diva wonders if the only man in Salem left with any brains or balls will find out something involving the fuels project and will be killed? If TPTB think Melanie and the rest of the no talent, cheap actors will save Days, The Diva says they are higher and more stupid than poor Michael Phelps ever was!

Problems with the comments

The Diva has heard of more problems with leaving comments. I took off the word verification. Hopefully that'll help. Sorry for the inconvience.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thaao posted again, all hell breaks loose

Leann celebrates that TIIC gave her one episode to shoot in 6 months.

The Diva guesses that even actors are not allowed to comment about the almighty JER and his writing style. The JER Gay Mafia was on the rampage this weekend banning posters who dared to defend Thaao. "Uncensored, no holds barred" my beautiful diva ass! Apparently The Douchebag calling the members of the Gay Mafia board "idiots" doesn't warrant a ban, but DOOL fans who think Thaao is correct need to be removed from the board. Well, that's what you get with a board that allows known stalkers as members.

Finally some good news. Leann Hunley is returning for one whopping episode for Tony's murder. It is sad that our standards are so low that we are happy that she's back for only one episode. Thaao's only going to be on for sixteen, and he's the murder victim.

In typical DOOL fashion, Shawn Christian re-signed as the manwhore, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Did anyone really think they weren't going to re-sign him? Daniel's the only doctor on the show left. We all know what that means. More groping! More bad porn with Chloe. When will this madness end? It won't unless Tomlin gets fired.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Reilly the Genius, Part 2

This Diva is confused and thoroughly disgusted. Thaao Penghlis has been interviewed by Michael Fairman, talked about his experiences on the show and its current predicament, and given his honest opinion as to how it reached this sad, sorry state. And the sum total created a firestorm. Why you ask?

For daring to resurrect the specter of James E. Reilly and point the finger at the man Mr. Penghlis feels is partially responsible for the decline of Days of Our Lives.

This is apparently in bad taste because Mr. Reilly is dead. And yes, that is Diva’s poorly disguised, uncontrollable laughter you’re hearing.

Worse, this displays Thaao’s obvious bitterness (and, according to one poster jealousy) because Mr. Reilly pulled Days of Our Lives out of the muck of cancellation single-handedly, wrote brilliant stories and entertained a generation with the likes of devil possession and all the other wildly popular, cartoonish tales I waded through last week on the blog.

Oh, and last but not least, James E. Reilly was the kindest of men who never once said a foul word about another human being, even the actors who worked for him. Of course, he had the power to fire anyone’s ass he didn’t like; any actor who didn’t fit the Reilly mold, any actor who opened his mouth to offer suggestions or criticize, or stick up for the character that the actor, not Mr. Reilly helped to create. And fire actors Mr. Reilly did, repeatedly and with much relish.

There have been so many reasons bandied around lately as to why this show is once again teetering on the brink of cancellation, but one major reason is buried in this argument, and it’s one I’ve mentioned already in respect to Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans and the reason they were fired. Collaboration is not tolerated at Days any longer. In fact, an actor with the nerve to stick up for their character will instantly find himself on the unemployment line.

This show is creatively bankrupt and maybe he’s not the only one to blame but that doesn’t absolve James Reilly. I’m not speaking merely about gimmicky storytelling, either. This man demanded complete control over DOOL and he had it. No one interfered, was allowed to give input, could do so much as make suggestions. It was all Reilly’s show. He dominated it completely and creative input from those people who knew the characters like their second skin wasn’t only frowned upon, it was punished.

Actors on this show are treated like unskilled labor all the while they are expected to perform miracles with writing so shoddy, it’s a wonder they manage scenes that are remotely believable.

And for the record…just for all you Reilly lovers and apologists out there, Thaao is in good company. Get a load of Francis Reid’s take on Reilly’s possession storyline, "I was ashamed! It was embarrassing."

You can read the offending Thaao interview here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Soul-less Soap

So that was it...?!

How depressing was it to see one of the most popular couples in DAYS history evah, Steve and Kayla, go out with such a whimper instead of a bang? Not even a quickie ‘bang’ of the bedroom variety just for shits and giggles. Nope, poor Kayla never even got to go home from the hospital.

Oh, but Kayla did get to do her last good deed, testifying for friend Hope at the courtroom a Celeste and Hope...oops, sorry...Eugene Bradford and Hope...oh, nope, that’s not it either...Bo and Hope...that’s right...Bo and Hope storyline that is so badly written that it makes me yearn for the Good Ole’ Princess Gina days. And Steve was able to support his Sweetness and listen to “Baby Girl” Stephanie cry and whine about Philip for a while before fading off into the Salem back alleys forever.

And that’s the end of that. Not one fucking flashback. Not one goodbye kiss...and as this Diva predicted, not even one freakin’ lyric of “The Rose” in the background. Guess TPTB figure that if they sneak Steve and Kayla out the back door, no one will miss them. Or that they might be able to bring them back once the economy picks up.

Well, for any viewers who think that Stephen or Mary Beth will come crawling back to do a few recurring appearances around the holidays a la Doug and Julie, the Diva’s advice is this...don’t hold your breath. For years, DAYS had begged on their collective hands and knees for these two actors to come back. For years, Stephen and Mary Beth held out, waiting for the right time and the right paycheck. And finally, once Corday got those contracts signed in 2006, he did the only thing he does well. He had a golden opportunity handed to him and he pissed it away.

I don’t blame Stephen and Mary Beth for their failed return. They did the best they could with the schlock they were given to work with. JERk the Genius got them off to a great start with that oh-so-exciting never-done-before storyline of amnesia...and then it all went downhill from there. Hogan Sheffer put Steve away in the loony bin when he wasn’t going ballistic in Tindo Lau. It seemed like there was some hope for Steve and Kayla during the airplane crash scenes at the beginning of 2008...but then it all became about Ava Vitali. There looked like there might be a possibility of a moving story with little Joe, Jr., but that got shelved. And now, courtesy of Corday, Higley and Tomlin (the evil triumvirate), greater minds have prevailed. Heaven forbid that we should miss one moment of the Melanie Layton Story...or the Dan and Chloe PornFest...or the E.J. waste any time watching two veteran actors that are part of the heart and soul of DAYS. Well, back when DAYS had a heart and soul...

The Diva knew that S&K were in trouble when they were declared still legally married 16 years after Steve "died." Why did the show pass up an opportunity to give them a wedding? That would have brought in ratings. I guess the show isn't interested in supercouples getting married when Tanna didn't get one either. The S&K yacht wedding was one of the most memorable in DOOL history. Who could forget Kayla speaking again during the ceremony? The sheer number of guests was amazing. Now a days, we get 3 or 4 cast members and twice as many extras. The one thing about their wedding that bugged me was Jack standing in the background almost the entire time. He distracted the hell out of me.

For now, dear readers, DAYS OF OUR LIVES...or whatever this tasteless mindless tripe with the hourglass logo on it is these days...has completely lost all of its heart and soul. Corday, in his panic and infinite wisdom, has gutted it all out...along with the loyal veteran actors who had given fans years of wonderful performances, only to be rewarded with a kick out of the door.

The only winners in this situation are whatever viewers who must be enjoying this nuDAYS clone version of a show...the ones that Corday and Co. are obviously trying to cater to in order to survive. Someone must be enjoying this soulless drek enough to keep it on the air, right? How else to explain that the show hasn’t tanked yet? At least, these viewers of nuDAYS don’t know or remember what DAYS used to be watching this show being sucked dry of all of its warmth won’t be so damned depressing.

And with that, the Diva shall now settle down with a bottle of vodka and some Prozac...and watch old Steve and Kayla clips from YouTube. "Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose..."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How not to write a murder mystery

Maybe, it's just the Diva, but I don't get how you set up a murder mystery with the victim only working a few days before he gets whacked.

After tomorrow's episode, we won't see Tony DiMera again until March 13th. Then he's on 6 episodes in a row until March 20th. The following week, is Thaao's last week on the show. So let's be optimistic and say he films for five days. From now until Tony's death, Tony's onscreen a whopping 12 episodes. The Diva's source is Jason's awesome website.

Oh, and Leann Hunley is not onscreen according to the stats as of March 20th. The Diva has no faith that the fabulous Anna DiMera will be on during the love of her life's murder.

The Diva doesn't get it. Why can't the writers come up with decent endings for these couples? Higley had 2 months to come up with a decent ending for J&M, but it all got rushed the last two episodes. The ending was totally lame. Why not have J&M (with John's body parts still working) just decide to go visit Shelle and Claire? Why the totally lame ending for S&K? Their last episode consisted of them at the hospital lecturing Stephanie to dump Philip and then worrying about Bope. Now Tony's getting whacked with practically no build up with his wife nowhere in sight.

BTW, Thaao's contract is not up until May. So instead of writing a real murder mystery and killing Tony off at the end of May sweeps, the show rushed a March sweeps murder in 12 episodes. In Corday's infinite wisdom, he is paying Thaao Penghlis not to work for 2 months.


Friday, February 13, 2009

"I didn't get fired from DOOL, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

I wonder what Stephanie Sloane thinks when she calls Corday? Seriously. In the latest issue of SOD, Corday insists that firing the DH's, SN, MBE, and TP wasn't ageism. Uh yeah. How many actors in their 30s did you fire? None. The only younger actor that got fired was Blake Berris. He got fired because he doesn't look like Darin Brooks even though he can act rings around him. What stops Stephanie Sloane from shouting "bullshit!" whenever she talks to him on the phone?

Does Corday really think that the Skorks are going to stick around to see if Steve and Kayla show up in an episode or two? Yeah, Corday said they are not going to get an ending. They'll just be around popping in once in a while. WTH? Does he really think this huge fanbase will tune in everyday hoping that their couple will show up?

Thank God for Thaao Penghlis. That man tells it like it is. "I've spent 20 years on that show, and a producer from Passions came with a vision, all I can say is I'm in good company." He's talking about Gary Tomlin. It's obvious that Tomlin is the one responsible for the current crapfest on the show. When he came on, suddenly the show shifted from the DiMeras to Chloe fucking around. Thaao's last tape date is March 4th.

I actually enjoy the Nicole storyline mostly because Arianne sells it so well. The Diva agrees with James Scott, she is the best actress on the show now. But shifting the show completely away from the vets to the under 35 set is a mistake. Of course the show needs balance. Firing 5 actors over the age of 45 is not balance. It is ageism. It's so obvious that TIIC do not care about good acting. It's all about how you look half naked. The vets fired actually do look good half naked. They have wonderful, time tested chemistry with their partners. But hey, they cost too much, so let's get rid of them and distract the audience with random sex.

The Diva has noticed a lot of comments about how old fashioned the way couples were set up in the past. The Diva remembers as a kid that sometimes a couple would wait a year for even a kiss. I'm not saying it has to be that slow, but it would be nice if the first kiss and the first sex scene weren't in the same episode. Remember when first kisses meant something? They are called milestones. Anyone in any real life relationship can tell you their milestones. Can anyone really remember the Danloe milestones? Nothing says romance like being molested by your doctor.

As far as Rachel Melvin quitting, good for you girl. Good luck!

Well, from the show's acting Emmy nominees from last year, only Darin Brooks is left. Yikes. That's bad. Hey, maybe Thaao will get another nom in 2010 for Tony's death. Who knows. I know he has a better chance of getting one with only a couple weeks of work than Nadia Bjorlin. But why bother putting yourself up for nomination when you know a pink slip will be the result? Don't go to acting class. If you want to succeed at DOOL, work out and get breast implants.

There's definitely room for Ken Corday and Gary Tomlin on "The Office." They make Michael Scott look like a managerial genius. Yes, Corday did tell Stephanie Sloane that he gave the survivors of the Corday/Tomlin tribal council t-shirts for morale. I wonder if they said "Dunder-Mifflin."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twu wuv?

Well, after the wild and crazy ride of the last few weeks...what with Drake and Deidre’s pathetic exit, Thaao’s firing, Stephen and MaryBeth’s firing, Thaao’s new job, Dena Higley’s blog disappearing and Daytime Confidential pissing me off...things seem to have quieted down a little bit. This Diva has been so bored that she has even resorted to actually catching up on DAYS...

Which is making me ponder the phenomenon of this latest couple: Dr. Dan and Chloe...

I’ll be honest, dear readers. The Diva just doesn’t get it.

I don’t mean to offend the actors. Shawn Christian and Nadia Bjorlin are definitely part of that clique known as the “beautiful people”. But where is the story in this so-called romance?

Dan and Chloe have found this great love over a few casual conversations at the gym and an inappropriate medicinal groping? Huh? If DAYS just called this coupling what it really is: a few lusty wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am scrumps just to kill time and cool down the libidos, then I would have more respect for this story. But to call it love? To give them their own love song, complete with raging fireplace and candlelight??!! Where was John and Marlena’s romantic interlude after he turned from Jawn to John? Oh, yes, there was no time for romance since John was too busy being paralyzed from the neck down. Where is Steve and Kayla’s love song? We won’t even get one freakin’ chorus of “The Rose” before they fade off into the background forever!? And while we’re at it, where was Tony and Anna’s wedding after they were separated by Stefano Dimera for twenty years? As with everything else with these abused characters for the last six months, it happened off-screen.

Sorry, but Dan and Chloe have not paid enough dues for this kind of frontburner story. For one thing, I have a hard time believing that either one of these characters has a clue of what love is.

Dr. Dan nearly seduced the young Chelsea (after having groped her one time too many in the hospital)...was responsible for breaking up the love of Chelsea and Nick, thus enabling Nick to fall for the most annoying character in the history of soaps, Melanie Layton, and as a result of said infatuation, went insane...promptly skipped from Chelsea to Grandma Kate...but now he’s with Chloe and it’s twu wuv.

Chloe falsely accused her former boyfriend, Phillip Kiriakis, of raping her when she was simply pissed off at him...let Brady turn into a drug addict while she was off singing opera somewhere...used Phillip as a fuck buddy for a few months because she had nothing better to do...and got herself engaged to Lucas after a hot and sweaty encounter in a stuck elevator. But after having been banged against the hospital door by Dr. Dan, it’s twu wuv.

Three cheers for Victor Kiriakis who calls it like he sees it about Chloe...and I couldn’t agree with him more. I always laugh when he throws out one of those cruel zingers aimed to kill.

If there’s one bright side to this parody of a love story, it’s that Lucas will get out of this toxic relationship with Chloe. After being cheated on by Sami and now cheated on by Chloe, he really needs a lady who will appreciate him for the charming fellow he is., Lucas? This Diva’s free for a date anytime!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Actors are people too.

When the Diva first started cruising message boards to find others with whom to discuss Days of Our Lives, she expected normal conversations about plot, what might happen, maybe little tidbits, and other good things...discussions between civilized adults. What she has discovered over the years, however, has astounded her. Suffice it to say that the Diva will never again scoff at the stereotypes of the crazed soap fan again.
Let me preface this by saying I have friends of every, er, fanbase persuasion. I have actually found intelligent people who like J&M, Bope, Steve/Kayla, Shelle, Shimi, Jate, Ejami, Ejole, Lumi, Tanna, al. These folks can even hold a decent conversation online and they don't think it's the end of western civilization as we know it when things don't go their way on a TV show....
Case in point: the famous chatgate. Oh, my, Drake Hogestyn chose to have a chat with Lauren Koslow. It was the chat heard round the world. Drake committed the ultimate adultery.....against the Jammer fanbase. This resulted in black roses, weed killer sprayed in the general direction of Lauren Koslow, drunkenness, and general debauchery.
Then there are those very young J&M fans who insist that the "love affair" crossed into real life. Drake's darling real life wife, Victoria, was the jealous interloper. Wow.
Then there are the radical EJami fans. I have very good EJami fans. I love them dearly. They have common sense. They know the lousiness of the whole writing for the couple. We all have couples who, despite the crummy writing, we just love. We can't help ourselves. We know they're not perfect. However, there are those few who used to think what James Scott said was gospel. He was GAWD with a Capital GAW. However, there has been a recent article featuring James Scott and Arianne Zucker which hasn't set too well with some of his more, er, enamoured fans. James made the fatal mistake of mentioning how he enjoyed working with Arianne. They had cute pictures. He mentioned something about asking fans who EJ should be with, and apparently, it was pretty 50-50 Nicole and Sami. All of a sudden, James was the adulterer to the EJami cause. Or, he was misunderstood. Or, his words were twisted. One snarky James "fan" on a board is wondering whether James has the hots for Arianne. One mentioned Arianne's 'wrinkles" and how she's too old for him. Several mentioned the huge Ejami fanbase. And, of course, there's the ever-present "They OWE us something. We're waiting for a payoff!!" Never mind Lumi fans said the same thing. Never mind that this is a soap and a positive payoff for a couple relegates them to either the sympathetic town ear or the town busybody.
Then some Ejami fans bashed Ali Sweeney on her own blog for being happy that Bryan Dattilo was back on the show. They thought she betrayed Ejami.
It makes the Diva wonder what the poor actors have to deal with in real life. Many of these fans wander from board to board...some banned, some coming up with new usernames.....all of them seeming to scream for some attention that someone isn't giving them somewhere.
Seriously, actors are people too. It's ok for them to want to work with other actors. They are not betraying you if they enjoy working with other people on occasion. I'm sure there's radical fans in every fanbase. Fanbases shouldn't be judged by a few nuts. Getting mad at an actor because you don't think they are shipping your favorite couple is crazy. The Diva honestly doesn't get why fans prefer the couples/characters over the actors. Seriously, these couples are fictitious!
The Diva enjoys reading boards. There are the folks who have real lives. They know the difference between reality and fiction and are able to carry on debates about TV shows and walk away, if not shaking hands, at least respectful and honorable. But, the Diva has to wonder what the lives of these sad, obsessed people are like. What will they do when the show is cancelled? Kudos to the fans who enjoy the past, but realize that life goes on. Here's to you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mad Genius of JERk

Pondering over the Daytime Confidental podcast that I listened to the night before...that is when I was able to drive the memories of Jamey’s singing and Jillian’s cackling out of my head...I reminisced fondly of the DAYS of the late great headwriter James E. Reilly (those of us who really loved him nicknamed him JERk for short). Ahh...JERk! Who needed villains like Stefano Dimera around when you had JERk?

WHAT?! you say! Wasn’t he the one who penned Aremid and the Possession storyline? Didn’t he come to the rescue of DAYS, saving the flailing soap from cancellation, that fate that is worse than...well, is television death?! Yes...and no. As far as sweeps and ratings in the 90s, Reilly definitely showed off his skill with the art of shock tactics. Viewers tuned in to see the car crash of their beloved Doc with yellow eyes and a snarl, levitating over her bed...granted, more for the shock of seeing the soap diva reduced to such a demeaning level than for any actual merits of the plot...which as I recall was done much better in a little film during the 70s called THE EXORCIST. This was the beginning of the great DAYS divide. Part of the fans loved all the excitement, the gothic twists and turns of the crazy storyline. Others of us (myself included) rolled our eyes in dismay, yearning for the good old holidays when the Horton family surrounded around their Christmas tree with their painted ornaments...rather than watching yellow-eyed MarDevil gleefully desecrate a church.

The Reilly Reign of Terror had begun with a bang. He may have saved DAYS with that storyline, but at what cost? Sometimes, I think DAYS truly sold its soul to a real demon at that point because so much of the crapfest we are watching now, you can trace directly back to the mad genius of JERk.

How many ways do I hate the writing of JERk? Well, let’s start counting, shall we?

Reilly was one of the first big egomaniac headwriters. He was like Alfred Hitchcock (who loved to treat his film stars like cattle) without the talent. Indeed, I’ve heard tell that he liked to play with Barbie dolls while coming up with his lame-brained ideas. During the Glory Years of the 80s, there was a time when the writers at least collaborated a little bit with their actors. There was a time when the words “integrity” and “quality” were still recognized. And DAYS even (loud gasp here!) paid attention to fan outcry and responded to it. All this went out the door with Reilly. It was his way or the highway. And things only got worse...can anyone say Dena Higley?

For some perverse reason, he loved to emasculate some of DAYS’ sexiest male characters. I won’t go on too much about my fave sexy Dimera, since I just blogged about him. But leave it to JERk to take the sexy dangerous Count of the 80s and turn him into an insane eunuch! Leave it to JERk to take the complicated witty dysfunctional Jack Deveraux (the thinking girl’s hunk) off of the Cruise of Deception and turn him into an inane clown before replacing the actor Matthew Ashford with a lot of blonde Ken-doll-clone recasts. Leave it to JERk to take the wild motorcycle-riding rebel, Bo Brady, and make him a mindless drooling idiot, bouncing back between Hope and Billie like a ping pong ball. Even the actors Reilly claimed to love weren’t safe. Was I the only one who shuddered in horror at the thought of John Black being a priest? The strong mysterious man without a past who roughed up Marlena in the wilderness and kidnapped Diana from her Kiriakis wedding...a priest who couldn’t be with any women? Ever?! WTF!!! And things only got worse...can you remember the last sexy love scene on DAYS with a real supercouple? I am not talking Danloe’s pornographic fuckfest set to a laughable love song. I am talking about Steve and Kayla sweatin’ it out on the rooftop, Jack and Jennifer doin’ it in a cave, Bo and Hope makin’ out hot and slow New Orleans style, Tony and Anna steamin’ up the shower. No, I can’t remember the last scene like that either...

After a while, simply castrating the characters of actors he didn’t like wasn’t enough to float JERk’s boat anymore. Then he decided to kill them off...and kill them off again...and again...and again. Quick trivia question: who has left town/been killed off the most? Jack or Tony/Andre? Sorry, I don’t know the answer either. In this case, things really haven’t gotten too much worse. Sheffer only fired Ashford once. And Dena’s only planning on firing Penghlis once...I think.

Reilly loved to write for lame-brained dim-witted teenagers. Young studs who liked to lounge around in their underwear...and their dumb-as-post girlfriends. Austin and Carrie really started off the insane teen craze in the 90s, which morphed to Shawn and Belle, Phillip and Chloe, Brady and Chloe, Phillip and Stephanie. As far as this Diva’s concerned, all of these couples are pretty much interchangeable, vapid and dull. And things will only get worse...once Melanie Layton really falls in twu luv, the pukefest will get goin’ good!

Reilly created um...interesting special effects that makes me yearn for amnesia. Flying coffins. Flying beds. Talking kewpie dolls and turkeys. Bloody piƱatas. Sami becoming a man. Tom Horton’s floating head. And things only got least this stuff was so bad, it made me laugh during my fury. Kind of how you laugh at those bad movies they show at 3 A.M. where the sound never quite matches the picture. Now I’m just furious and bored.

Even though Reilly’s gone now (may he rest in peace), his legacy lives on. Watching DAYS as it is now reminds me a bit of the Salem Serial Killer days – seeing a beloved show’s limbs get hacked off one piece at a time. Dena Hackley will continue to play the egomaniac, slashing away at any vet that dares to cross her path. And JERk’s good old buddy, Gary Tomlin, will unceasingly strive to recreate DAYS into JERk’s peerless classic of a soap, PASSIONS, or even better...SUNSET BEACH. We’ve all been yearning for those shows back on our screens, haven’t we? Oh, admit it!

As for the legacy of Ted and Betty Corday and their original vision of DAYS? Well, you have to look for that on YouTube...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Count Antony DiMera

I was listening to some of Daytime Confidential's podcast. Thanks for mentioning The Diva's blog for breaking the story of Tony getting killed off. Sorry, The Douchebag confirming the story isn't worthy of a silver medal. But at least he didn't hold the story for a week like the soap mags did. Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly need to be held accountable for holding the story until Corday wanted it out. Thaao's firing hasn't even made their website yet.

With all that being said, The Diva wanted to share HER opinion on Tony DiMera/Thaao Penghlis. Thaao joined GH I believe in 1979. He played Victor Cassadine during the Ice Princess storyline. Victor was imprisoned at the end of the storyline. Thaao's disappearance on that show caused an uproar. Fans were not happy with Thaao being off the show. Fans fell for the gorgeous Greek actor with the Australian accent.

Thaao was contacted to join DOOL as Count Anthony DiMera. Thaao had a blank canvas to work with. The character was his to create. He never tried out for the role. Tony joined Salem as Liz's estranged husband. Despite raping Liz, Tony remained a popular character. His character was redeemed in a sense by his romances with Renee and Anna, and also Liz's forgiveness of Tony.

The Tony/Renee/Anna triangle was big in the day. That's when soaps knew how to write good triangles. Thaao had chemistry with Felice Sempler and Leann Hunley. A lot of fans favored Tony with Renee, but grew to love Tony with Anna when Renee was murdered by Andre.

80s Tony was such a passionate man. He was a ladies' man, amazing lover, sophisticated, and passionate. Tony was unlike the blue collar Brady men and the white collar Horton men. He was born into this crime family that he abhored but loved in a tortured way. No matter what Stefano did to him, you knew that Tony still had a very small, soft spot for his "father". Tony always fought against the DiMera stigma. But that stigma did become useful at times when Tony was passionately angry with someone. The DiMera stigma made him appear to be dangerous. Dangerous can be quite sexy, especially on a soap. Tony would hate and love with the same amount of passion. No matter how mad he got at Anna, the audience knew that his passion for Anna was just underneath that surface, and it could come out when he couldn't control it any longer. The exciting part was anticipating if Tony would lose control over his passion.

The end of Tony and Anna's run in the 80s took a comedic turn. I enjoy comedy in soaps. Who wants to watch gloom and doom all the time? I loved their storylines with Eugene and Calliope. Tony struggled with his stubborn refusal to forgive Anna for falling in love with Andre, while still pining for her. Still, Tony's darkness turned into more of a grumpiness towards Anna and her schemes. The dark prince wasn't so dark anymore. Tony disappeared one day off the pier with Anna looking for him. I rewatched those scenes recently. Yeah, the writing for that was bad. It could have been heartbreakingly sad, but instead it kind of just looked like Tony got mugged offscreen in the fog. Still it was preferable to the crapfest known as the 90s.

Thaao rejoined DOOL in 1993. He was the highest paid actor on DOOL at the time. His return was a big deal. Thaao had a very successful run between his gigs at Days from 1986 to 1993. He starred in movies, tv miniseries, made for tv movies, Santa Barbara, and the Mission: Impossible tv remake. Unfortunately Tony was written by James E Reilly. The Diva knows that some viewers still fondly love JER. To me, he was an asshole who had no problem with being vindictive to actors he didn't like. He turned DOOL into a joke with campy, over the top storylines that lasted too long and made the actors look foolish.

Anyway, Tony took a turn on the very dark side. JER rewrote Tony's paternity back to being Stefano's son with just a passing mention. He could have done it as a major storyline, but it ended up being a footnote to the awesomely lame John and Kristen fuckfest. Dan and Chloe actually make John and Kristen look like a couple with substance. Tony was made into an interloper in his own engagement to Kristen a la Lucas now. Tony became the demented, obsessed DiMera who would stop at nothing to keep a cheating little whore like Kristen. John/Kristen/Tony was one of the worst triangles in the soap's history. No one really preferred either couple to the other. Worse, JER only made a passing reference to Anna in one episode with Tony and Carrie. When Tony said that things just didn't work out.

Then came Aremid. Tony was give a fatal disease. To JER's credit, he gave him a real blood disorder as opposed to all of Jack's phony made up illnesses. Tony comes up with a scheme to set John up for his "murder". Tony commits suicide. Thaao's performance was brilliant. JER did always give Tony "a good death". If you've seen "Legends of the Fall" you know what the reference is about. It's no secret that JER killed Tony because he hated Thaao. During Tony's death, Thaao lost both his parents within days of each other. It has not been widely reported anywhere, but Corday told Thaao that he could come back when Reilly's contract was up in a few months. Reilly re-signed with the show, and obviously he had no intentions of bringing back Tony.

There was a lot of hype for Tony's return to the Penthouse Grille in 2002. I've heard some say the buzz was for a possible Stefano return, but The Diva clearly remembers the commercial running for weeks with Tony being revealed as the returning DiMera. Talk about a splash! Instant drama as soon as the elevator door opened. The other characters had to try to figure out which DiMera they were looking at. Tony or Andre? Tony's story was that he was Tony until Andre impersonated him to set up John as his murderer.

2002 Tony still had his sexy edge. He shared a very passionate tango with Kate. He kissed Marlena and offered to her to "have a go at it" upstairs in the DiMansion. He kissed Sami. Tony was still the irresistible devil. He was back to being sexy and dangerous. There were some lame ass storylines along the way, the goop, Rex's diamond making laser, etc. You did see a new side of Tony when he thought he had fathered Cassie and Rex. He loved those kids, more than Marlena, Kate, and Roman did. Being a father, gave Tony a vulnerable side. He couldn't control those kids like he could the adults in Salem.

Then JER returns. Of course, he immediately killed off Tony again. The tiger stuff was over the top, but it was entertaining. Thaao gave amazing performances at the circus and at the hospital room. Who didn't jump when Tony grabbed Marlena's wrist trying to tell the morons in the hospital room that she killed him?

Then Thaao accidentally outed Marlena as the serial killer in the Israeli interview. So JER punished him again. He made Tony the mastermind of the serial killer storyline. The storyline was so boring and convoluted that I won't even repeat it here. Anyways, Tony ended up in prison in 2005.

2007 brought much promise. Thaao came back as Tony, or so we thought. About a month into shooting, Corday came up with the Tony/Andre idea. Of course it made sense that Tony did not do anything that happened in Salem from 1993 on. All those storylines were really out of character for Tony. The Island Tony episode was one of the highest rated episodes of the year. It was higher than John's death that occurred 3 months later, and John's alive 2 months after that.

Finally, the Tony and Anna fans got their couple back after waiting 21 years. TPTB refused to put Emmy winning Leann Hunley on contract which really handicapped the show writing for them. Once Andre "died", Tony and Anna were sent to the backburner.

2008 started with the Tony and Anna ad wars. I actually liked that storyline. The show should have had Tony pick a better line of business. They should have had Tony compete with Victor. Tony had no competition in town. Other than Kate and Paul Hollingsworth, the ad agency had no real purpose and was dropped. It was a shame because the newer DOOL fans saw what the older DOOL fans liked about Tony and Anna. Tony and Anna drive each other crazy, but they love that about one another.

Thaao was named the first lead actor Emmy nominee in twenty years for DOOL. So Thaao was rewarded with a lame ass marriage proposal to Anna at the Brady Pub. Classy Tony would have never proposed to Anna like that. Tony's last proposal to her in the 80s occurred in the shower! Now that's passion baby. LOL Then Tanna got married off screen about a week later. Then inexplicably, Bope gets a vow renewal onscreen in one of the lowest rated episodes of the year. The wrong couple got the onscreen wedding.

August 2008 should much promise. Stefano was back! The hospital lockdown week was the highest ratings of the year. Then Tomlin came in as producer, and all the vets got sacrificed for the twuest twu wuv ever, Dan and Chloe. Then came the announcement that the show got renewed but must cut costs by 40%. The DH's got fired, and left in a lame way. The show barely got a bounce from their last episode. SN and MBE won't have a final episode, so the show won't even get a bounce from their last episode. Then the show decided in their infinite wisdom to kill off a character that they've killed off numerous times in the past in a 3 week or so murder mystery buildup when no one in town wants that character dead. The Diva is not holding out hope that this storyline won't suck. I'm sure Thaao and Leann (if she's on) will give amazing performances. But what's the point? Why kill off a character that they can use in the future for a short term blip in the ratings for the March sweeps month? As soon as the murder mystery is over, the ratings will surely go down. They could have just had Anna and Tony leave for Switzerland to be with Carrie and Austin who were trying to start a family. They could have brought Tanna back somewhere down the line for another big DiMera storyline.

But the future is bright for Thaao Penghlis. As The Diva reported, Thaao already has a Sci Fi TV pilot named Emissary. Plus he has numerous other projects that he is doing. But as a life long Tony DiMera fan, The Diva cannot help but be bitter on how TIIC wasted an Emmy nominated actor because they didn't want to pay him/write for him. Killing off a one of a kind character like Tony for a lame ass murder mystery is a huge mistake.

The Diva will blog about Leann Hunley/Anna DiMera later. Her awesomeness deserves her own blog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Today the Diva would like to give a shout-out to a fellow Days blogger, Head Writer Dena Higley. Longtime fans of Days who are lamenting the the loss of their favorite actors, the inability to string a decent storyline together, a complete disregard for history and the woeful use of talent must truly be riveted by the daily goings-on in the Higley household. Yes Dena, we're thrilled that your son is handsome, sweet, clever and oh-so-popular. By the way, did you know that your show is going completely down the tubes ?
BUT HANG ON A MINUTE – the blog seems to have disappeared !
In the most gutless move in the history of the World Wide Web (I may need a citation on that one), Higley the Hack’s blog has mysteriously vanished in the wake of the firings of Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. What’s the matter Dena, can’t take the heat ? You wimp.

Speaking of the aforementioned actors: Once upon a time in Salem USA, there was a "fairly" popular couple. Legend has it that their wedding was the highest rating Days episode ever, and the second highest ever for any soap. When they returned after a long absence it was obvious that none of their chemistry had been lost, they still looked gorgeous and they could even act. Really well. Really, really well.

Since their return sent the Steve and Kayla fans into a frenzy in 2006, the lack of imagination displayed when writing for these guys has been mind-boggling - and I'm not just talking about Dena now. 16 years of missing time was pretty well glossed over, and hey, listen up guys - I think Lawrence Alamain was responsible for Steve's "death" and disappearance, not Stefano ! It’s a bit late to address that little slip-up I suppose but it does irk me.

Thankfully the Steve and Kayla Dorks (that's Skorks to you) were finally treated to a thrilling insight into Steve's lost years with the very in-character and well-written Ava storyline. Detect a slight note of sarcasm there ? Don't even get me started on that debacle. And were we really supposed to believe that a fabulous successful woman like Kayla didn't have even a hint of a relationship that whole time ? (Yes, I know about Shane but that's a whole 'nother blog). There was just so much story there to tell, even my poodle could have come up with something. What about right now ? Stephanie and Phillip are getting together - Victor used to be Steve and Kayla's freaking nemesis. Couldn’t you have done something with THAT ?

Anyway, back to the situation we currently find ourselves in. Here you have a couple of actors who clearly love working together, are supportive of their fans, have chemistry with just about every other actor on the show, look great together and here's the rub.....THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CHARACTERS. The horror ! They care so much that when Kayla caught Steve in bed with Ava (**eye starts to twitch**) resulting in virtually NO REACTION OR DISCUSSION, Nichols and Evans along with their vocal fanbase had to practically beg TIIC for weeks on end for some resolution. Although they finally received their single solitary scene, the "fallout" they got was a bit more than anyone bargained for as they then proceeded to stay virtually offscreen for EIGHT MONTHS, and ending up where we are today.

And are they going to get a proper send-off ? This is one of soap’s all-time iconic couples don’t forget. If you thought John and Marlena’s exit was crap, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Well actually I tell a lie – that’s just what you are going to see…NOTHING. As mentioned here yesterday it is believed they will just disappear off our screens with no explanation – they’re still around but they’re not. “Hey, Hope, where’s your best friend Kayla?”…”Oh, she’s just changing Baby Joe’s diaper in the bathroom”. You know, cool stuff like that. Maybe they’ll go out to mail a letter or something.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you tell Dena what to write (or politely suggest an idea) at your own peril. She’s going to do it her way and by gum she will write crap if she sees fit. No doubt there are other villains at work here - Dena is not running the show (officially). She does however seem to have an inordinate amount of power to match her apparent ability to hold a grudge. Or has she been instructed to purposely run this show into the ground ? What if Kenny has some kind of payout clause if the show gets cancelled ? Yes, unfortunately Dena’s writing is bad enough to consider these questions. I mean, surely nobody could unintentionally write this badly.

Anyway Dena, if you’re looking for something to do with all your free time (cos you don’t have to write the blog anymore), go check out SOD's Hot Off The Net poll which SN & MBE have just won in all categories for about the squillionth time in a row. Ask around about who has been getting a heap of incoming fan mail, faxes, emails and hotline calls, begging for a storyline. Watch the "Where The Hell Are Steve and Kayla?” video. Oh, and go watch some tapes of these two actors in their current run, making lemonade out of the lemons they've been getting for nearly 3 years.

Phew. Gotta go, I’m off to watch the tortured love story that is Daniel and Chloe. A lot of people are done with this show Dena.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lowest of the Low part 2

Yep. According to the Soap Opera Digest site, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans were fired. Steve and Kayla have no exit storyline. They are just gone offscreen one day. WTH is wrong with this show? Do they really think we are going to watch for Bo and Hope only? Why can't they come up with a decent ending for J&M, Tanna, and S&K? How hard is it to write a goodbye party for these couples?

This blog is going to cease to exist soon. I'm not going to blog on a vet-free show. The Diva won't watch that shit.

Major Thaao Penghlis news

ShareHe's co-starring in a Sci Fi drama. Thaao will be doing a Q&A in New York this Friday about the series.

Thaao co-starred with Phillip Morris in the Mission: Impossible remake in the late 80s/early 90s.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Days of Our Online Lives

Why talk about the show when the DOOL online community is more interesting? The online community is more interesting in a totally dysfunctional way. Score another one for the Diva Spy Network who came across a fascinating blog that was published last year:

Hypocrites Anonymous blog

If any of the Diva's faithful followers find anything else of interest, please leave a link in the comments. Sorry, the Diva is not accepting emails at this time. I am not interested in spam emails about Stephen Nichols rumors clogging my inbox.

The Diva is anxiously awaiting The Douchebag's new report. I heard he got an exclusive on who won the Super Bowl yesterday. He talked to a producer!

Thaao Penghlis posted

Another confirmation that this Diva was correct.