Saturday, July 19, 2014

#Days Spoiler Pics for July 21st

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of July 21st can be found here.

#Days Promo for July 21st

The Days of our Lives weekly promo features the return of Kristen DiMera portrayed by Eileen Davidson.

Ratings for July 7th

Days of our Lives was the only soap to lose viewers from the previous week.  You can read the ratings at Soap Opera Network.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's "Payback Isn't a Bitch, It's My Pleasure" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Theresa scrambles to cover up attacking John, John does not do well in surgery, Brady thinks he killed his father, Eric tries to talk to Sami into giving up revenge for the sake of her kids, Sami tells Ben about EJAbby, Abby slaps Eve, JJ continues to be the diplomat between Eve and his family, Eric asks Jenn to talk to Daniel, Daniel performs surgery on John, and Abby finds Ben at the Club.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h
John pushes Theresa off of him. She falls to the floor. She picks up a fireplace poker and hits John with it.

Eric tries to talk Sami out of getting revenge. He questions why she married EJ. She says she did it for revenge.

Abby asks Jenn and JJ what Eve is up to now. Eve overhears Daniel talking to Parker over the phone who is with Chloe and her parents.

Sami says she got revenge for Eric. He wants nothing to do with it. Abby wants to help with Eve. Eve and Dan talk at the Square.

Theresa wipes her prints off the poker and puts it in Brady's hand.

Brady wakes up, then passes out on the floor. Theresa starts yelling. Theresa grabs John's phone when Henderson shows up.

Ben wants to do something nice for Abby. Eric tells Sami to be a good example for her kids. "Payback isn't a bitch, it's my pleasure."

Sami tells Eric that she won't let anyone stop her. She leaves. Jenn tells her kids that she offered Eve 50%.

Eve and Dan discuss Theresa. Theresa asks Henderson to call 911. Theresa pretends she's concerned that John is dead.

Dan has to go. Eve says Salem is "No Fun City." JJ keeps refering to Sami as a "bitch" to his mom.

JJ goes after Sami. Sami finds Ben at the Club. Abby confronts Eve at the Square. Theresa prays over John. Abe shows up at the K-Mansion.

Theresa tells Abe that John attacked Brady, then Brady hit him with the poker.

Sami acts like she's not enjoying telling Ben about EJAbby. Abby tells Eve that she was nothing to Jack.

Brady is in a hospital bed. Brady asks about John. John is in surgery with Daniel.

Jenn stops JJ from going after Sami. Jenn says JJ standing up for Abby reminds her of Jack.

JJ tells Jenn that Eve wants a truce. Eric stops by. Eric tells Jenn that Sami was wrong. Eve says Jack would be appalled by Abby.

Abby slaps Eve in front of a ton of eyewitnesses. Abe tells Brady that John is in surgery. Brady gets out of bed.

JJ breaks up Abby and Eve. Abby apologizes and leaves. Jenn and Eric discuss EJAbby. Sami drops the bomb on Ben.

Dan tries to get John's heart going. Henderson tells Brady what he knows. Brady doesn't remember anything.

Theresa tells Brady her version of what happened. Brady is mortified.

Daniel checks a scan of John's brain. He finds a sign in the scan that says, "this space for rent."

Ben doesn't believe Abby slept with EJ. JJ asks Eve is she's surprised Abby slapped her. JJ tells Eve to "dial it back."

Abby shows up at the Club after Sami left. Eric tells Jenn to call Dan. She doesn't want Dan to rescue her. Good for her.

Dan tells Brady that John is not alright. Brady asks if he killed him.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's "Train Wreck" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami enjoys telling Wilson and Eric about her revenge, Jenn consoles Abby, JJ learns what happened, Theresa wants $1 million from John to divorce Brady, Hope and Aiden are shocked by their closeness during their dance, and Theresa plays whack-a-mole with a poker to John's head.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

   ·  1h
Haiden back up before things get out of hand during their dance. Ciara and Chase enter the room.

Sami tells Wilson about EJ's affair with Abby. Abby tells Jenn that she is a slut. John wants to talk to Eric about Brady.

Eric agrees with John that Brady and Theresa are a "train wreck." Theresa brings Brady home.

JJ calls Jenn. Jenn is too busy with Abby to take the call. Jenn wants Abby to move forward. Jenn wants to know why Abby didn't tell her.

Sonny refuses to believe that Abby was with EJ. Sami figures out that Will knew. Theresa gives Brady more to drink.

Eric tries to talk John into leaving Brady alone. Theresa talks about getting married in Vegas. Brady says he hates marriage.

Brady toasts to being single, then passes out on the floor.

Theresa calls John and asks him to come to the K-Mansion. Marlena talks about being nervous with her jokes. Hope thinks Giselle is jealous.

Hope teases Roman that he wants Marlena. Father Louie congratulates Aiden. Will says he didn't know it was EJ whom Abby was seeing.

Eric walks into the Wilson apartment. Sami fills him in on EJ's affair. Abby says the affair had been over for a long time.

Jenn says EJ manipulated her. Abby puts the blame on herself. She says EJ was nice to her. Abby asks for forgiveness.
Abby discusses the time she thought she was pregnant. Sami tells Eric she got the EJAbby photos weeks ago.

After all the hype about the gala, it's a total bust. Really? It's in Kristen's old hotel room. Lame.

Hope and Ciara leave the gala. Aiden thinks back to almost kissing Hope. Brady comes to. John arrives.

John checks on Brady who passed out again.

John wants Brady to go to the hospital. Theresa pours herself a drink. She has something to tell John.

JJ learns about EJAbby. Will questions why Sami married EJ. Eric wants Sami out of the Wilson apartment.

Will says, "what a nightmare." Will says Sami will get her revenge. Hope is at the Pub. Ciara says Hope wasn't really sick.

Ciara says Hope is upset because she misses Bo. Ciara shows Hope Bo's picture. Hope refuses to go back to the gala.

Abby guesses that Sami is gossiping about the affair all over town. Sami could have saved herself some time by telling Maggie and Julie 1st.

Eric asks why Sami went through with the wedding. He says the family would have been there for her if she backed out of the wedding. 

Sami tells Eric that she's the co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Sonny comforts Will. Theresa tells John that Thrady are married.

Theresa shows John the marriage certificate. He says Brady was not of sound mind and will get an annulment.

Will tells Sonny they need to stay out of Sami's revenge. Abby takes a hard look in the mirror.

Jenn tells JJ not to get involved with Eve. Sami tells Eric that Kate is the other co-CEO. Eric asks how her revenge helps anyone.

Eric says to Sami, "in the end, you will be the one who hurts the most." Theresa wants 1 million to annul her marriage to Brady.

John secretly tapes Theresa, and plays it back for her. Nice move, John.

Theresa starts panicking. Sonny says Abby needs their support. Will wants to give her space. Will says EJ loves Sami.

Will says he can't believe what EJ did to Sami and Abby. Sami tells Eric that she will get revenge on Abby.

JJ defends Eve to Jenn. Jenn asks JJ to be on her side. Abby asks what is going on. Hope thinks about the dance.

John shoves Theresa off of him onto the floor. She grabs the fireplace poker and whacks him.

Diva's 183rd #Days Blogtalkradio Archive Ready

The Diva of Days of our Lives 183rd Blogtalkradio Show is ready for playback/download.

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Ratings for June 30th

Days of our Lives had a modest gain of viewers from the previous week, but down from the year before.  The Young and the Restless keeps hitting new lows.  You can check out all the ratings at Soap Opera Network.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Diva's 183rd #Days Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 183rd Blogtalkradio show on Saturday, July 12th at 10 pm est live!  Topics this week include:  Sami and Kate team up to take DiMera Enterprises from EJ and Stefano, Sami reveals to EJ that she knows about his affair with Abby and she and Kate are Co-CEOs, Clyde comes to Salem, Jordan and Rafe make up, Eve won't settle her lawsuit with Jennifer, and Eve fires Daniel from doing her surgery so she can date him.  Call in to talk to us at 914.338.1239 then press 1 or join us in our chat room.

#Days Video Promo for July 14th

The Days of our Lives promo for the week of July 14th features Theresa, Brady and John:

#Days Spoiler Pics for July 14th

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of July 14th can be found here.